Friday, December 31, 2010

When the clock strikes MIDNIGHT where will you be?

I will be on a HOT date with this man! You can be jealous. It's okay, I totally get it. Every year we get all fancied up and go out. No kids pulling on my leg, no one yelling Mom every two seconds or begging for food or to wipe their butts... nothing. We look forward to this every year. It for us, is a great way to start off the New Year together laughing and just enjoying each others company. Don't worry we will be home to watch ABC's Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest! Woot! I  love it! So, how will you be celebrating tonight?

It's was a fabulous year and I can't wait for the New Year to begin and to experience this crazy life with all of you. Thanks for loving, accepting and reading my life! Be safe tonight and Happy New Year friends! Until 2011.....

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Favorite Posts of the Year

I though it would be fun to pick out a few posts that deserve some awards. It's not because my posts are super fabulous, {which they are} but because after going back through the last couple of months I had some posts that stuck out. Some were really special to me and others spoke to my heart or made me laugh while I was typing away on my computer. So, I thought this would be a fun and perfect time to go ahead and let you read some oldies but goodies you may have missed. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing.
  • Most Vulnerable Post of the Year: Dear Dad
There you have it... have fun click away... you won't be sorry! What is your favorite post of this year? I would LOVE to read some of your favorites from your blogging. So, when you leave a comment {which I know you} let me know what your favorite post is and I would LOVE to click over to your blog and read it!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Number ONE goal for 2011. {in picture form}

This time of year everyone and their mother makes New Years resolutions. Yes, I do too. However, if you are like me within two weeks I don't remember what they were. My fabulous zumba friend, Courtney, said it best the other day. She said, "this time of year people seem to hit a reboot button". Is that not so true? You take time to reflect over the past year and gear up/reboot for the upcoming year.

I thought it might be helpful for us to figure out together some ways that will help all of us stick to our resolutions this year. Because truth be told even if you are one who doesn't make one {because you think your to good for it} in the back of your mind you have totally thought of some things you want to quit or accomplish in this next year!

Here is some strategery to help us all.
1. Keep them few in number: Even if you need to change 50 things this year. You are more likely to stick with it if you have a smaller number to accomplish.
2. Keep it simple: It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. I love the quote "Keep it simple, stupid" We {as in me} try and complicate everything.  Figure out what YOU need  to work on. That's it!
3. Be realistic: Yes, you want it to stretch you but be realistic {use common sense}.
4. Be specific: Make sure that you completely identify what it is you want to accomplish.
5. Make it measurable: You really can't manage what you can't measure. Make sense right?
6. Time specific: Don't just say in 2011 I want to.... work out. Set a specific date/time you plan to accomplish your goal by.  
7. Write it down: If you are a blogger then blog about your goals. If you aren't and you just LOVE me so you are reading this... First, I heart you back. Second, go get a pen and paper and write it down. Heck, leave me a comment with your resolutions I will hold you accountable. Really, I will. Which brings me to...
8. Accountability: Share what your goals are with others. Tell your family/friends/other bloggers what you are committed to achieving this year. I personally have a love/hate relationship with accountability. It keeps you in check that's for sure! I know for me I NEED more of it in my life!
9. Enjoy the journey: Will it be hard? Yes. Will you mess up {more than once}? Yes. Will it be worth it when you accomplish just what you said you were going to? Yes.
10. Here is one of my goals in 2011 {in picture form} Can you guess what my NUMERO UNO New Years Resolution is for 2011?

 I would love to hear some of yours. What are you going to work on in 2011? You have seen one of mine... It's now your turn! 
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Edition: Weekend in Review

Friends, Oh how I have missed you. How was Christmas? Ours was filled with absolute craziness, loudness, controlled chaos, laughter, birthday celebrations and joy. Always miss my dad during the holidays but the sadness turns into joy when I see so many dear friends and family. I do have a question though. Why is it that so many {me included} only see certain family during the holidays {or at funerals}? It's kinda sad... Granted, I am not gonna lie there are some I am thankful that it's only once a year. Did I just say that out loud? Is that bad? Lets just act like I never said that. Mmkay.. 

The boys were so into everything this year. It made my heart happy to see them so excited. The sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and then in the next breath were ready for Santa. In fact, on Christmas Eve while on our way to Coach W family's Christmas we almost hit 4 deer. The boys were convinced it was Santa. Here one of my favorite pictures of when we got home on Christmas Eve. They LOVED looking at the tree. I swear I didn't beg them to stare up at the tree and act like they loved it. {fingers crossed behind my back}  

Christmas Eve. Seriously the PJ's. Love.

Christmas morning was perfect. My sister and her family came over. They live in Kentucky so it always a treat for them to come in town. I couldn't wait to give sweet Madison all her gifts! Of course, my mom was here. My sister and I surprised her with lots of fun stuff a trip to Easton, a canvas print of sweet baby Cole, a fabulous clutch and some spending money for our upcoming trip. She was so elated she started crying. {I love when I can be a part of making someone cry because they are so happy} 

FYI this picture was taken at 7 am Christmas morning!

The boys were so blessed by our families. They ALWAYS go above and beyond. It is somewhat humbling to see how the Lord uses them to bless our family SO much. My in laws are a huge blessing to our life and it is always more than evident around this time of year.

Funny story: My mom and I went on a shopping trip to Ikea. {my second in a week, holla} Once again, we always have a story. I will just tell you part of it because it totally deserves it's own post. We kinda *stole* a ladies purse. Yep, who does that right? It wasn't on purpose but totally happened. Did I mention she was from a different country. Oh. My. 

To be honest... I am kinda over the holiday season. Truly I am. I have already started to take down some of the decorations. I know, don't say it. It's too early but I need my routine back. My kids, my house, my body we all need our routine. Now that I have written a book about our weekend... What was your favorite memory about this weekend? Mine was bringing my moms to tears {in a good way of course} What was yours? 

P.S. I know I said it before but I missed you... really, I did. 

Friday, December 24, 2010


Soak in all the sweet moments with your family this weekend!
 Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ready or Not. Christmas is almost here.

How are my favorite gals {and my uncle jerry} doing? Are you ready for Christmas? I am SO not ready. Seriously, how do we only have a few days left. Our family is getting together on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas this year. We love it. The time with family, the laughter, the food, it just makes me happy. However, I still am not done shopping. {sigh} Yeah. Better get my act together... fast. 
I am a big fan of making lists {if you couldn't already tell}. It helps me remember what all I need to get done {since I for some reason can't remember anything} and it helps me refocus. So, here is yet another fabulous Top Tenish list.
Here are 10 12 things I treasure at Christmas {in no particular order} 
  1. Wrapping all the gifts for my little men. I {heart} my boys {in case you didn't know}.
  2. Piling in the car to go look at Christmas lights.
  3. Listening to Mariah Carey's Christmas CD. {the. best. cd. ever.}
  4. Baking cookies with the kids and eating them. The cookies, I mean.
  5. Planning Christmas breakfast and getting the house ready for my sister and her family to come spend Christmas morning with us!
  6. The gifts my boys make me at school. {I cry every year when I open them}
  7. Christmas eve services.
  8. The beauty of the Christmas lights on our trees every night.
  9. Getting Christmas cards from friends and family.
  10. Sitting around in our new jammies on Christmas.
  11. Realizing how very blessed we are and helping others to have a merrier Christmas.
  12. Refocusing our attention from all the chaos and shopping to what Christmas is truly all about.
If you are feeling the pressure of this sometimes crazy season or are just wanting to enjoy it a little more, sit down for a few minutes and make your own list. It's kinda refreshing!
What are YOU most looking forward to this week?
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Fitness

Did you know that the average person gains five to eight pounds or more during the holiday season {that's what I heard at least}. What may surprise you is that this weight gain is not all due to cookies, fudge and cakes. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve means extra stress and extra demands on your time, so many people {aka... me} skip their usual exercise routines. To help us all stay on track here are 5 tips to help us stay fit during this Holiday Season.

  • Make your workout a priority
I already know you have a million parties to attend, presents to buy, Christmas programs to help with... it's never ending. Believe me, I get it. You have to take some time for yourself and take care of YOU. How can you continue to do for others if you don't take a few minutes to be healthy?
  • Drink... {lots of water}
The more water you drink the less hungry you will be! Think about how many times you think you are hungry. Often hunger is mistaken for a need to drink fluids. 
  • Don't Diet
Seriously, why try and diet when you are setting yourself up to fail. I am not saying you can't do it but with so many temptations... I couldn't do it. Why not try to cut back. You can start you diet in a few weeks with the rest of America :)
  • Don't Skip Meals
I always do this. It is the worst thing you can do. Why? From personal experience if I skip a meal I am always about to eat my arm off at the worst time of day... around 8:00. I feel the need to raid my cupboards and eat like I haven't had food in years. Learn from my failures in this. Eat small meals during the day!
  • No Second Helpings
Ouch. This one hurts I know. So, you know the three sugar cookies I just ate. Um. Not good. One would have been okay. 

For the record, I am not a dietitian or fitness guru I would say I am a Zumba addict though. So, that counts, right? I am really writing this to remind myself what I need to do. I have been FAILING miserable and have less energy, feel chubby {aka... second butt is coming back} and blah. So, really I am writing this to keep myself in check and remind us all to stay healthy and fit during the Holidays.

Ok, I am off to go workout! I would love for you to share some fitness tips you have been doing to stay fit during this fabulous holiday season!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Frugal. Fun. Festive. Holiday Wrapping Ideas

Tis the season…to wrap gifts! I have always loved wrapping gifts. I remember loving it as a kid and at Christmas time I would always watch my mom wrap gifts in ways that simply amazed me. She always says, "It's all in the presentation." With a family of my own and a million more gifts to wrap I wanted to follow in her footsteps and create memorable, fabulous wrappings that wont break the bank.


Here are 10 Holiday wrapping ideas that can spruce up any of your Holiday gifts this season...

  1. Buttons- This year I wanted my packages to have a glamorous feel, but yet still feel hand-crafted. So this year I am using buttons. Oh friends, there are some fabulous DIY wrappings using buttons. You think I am kidding, take a look... 
  2. Brown Paper – I used this for all of my gifts this year. I wrapped all our boxed gifts in plain brown paper, tied them with simple red twine. They look just adorable. I can't wait for the boys teachers to get their gifts this week!
  3. Glass Jars – You can use these for so many things. Why not use them for wrapping presents. Make some cookies, buckeyes, homemade fudge put it in the glass jars add a ribbon and a ornament and there you have a fabulous presentation {with some goodies inside}.
  4. Clear Cellophane – I use this ALL THE TIME. It's my go to for almost any occasion. Especially for a gift basket or box where you want the gifts to be visible. 
  5. Cake Ribbon- Adds such a luxe look. This adds a bling factor to any gift. Use your normal brown paper bags add this fabulous ribbon and look at what you can create.  
  6. Recipes – For the cooking lover in your family... Print out their favorite recipes and use them to wrap a cookbook or even, a batch of sugar cookies in a box. Add a cute little red bow or twine and there you go.  
  7. Gold Tissue Paper- Add a simple Stationary Sticker and seriously anyone who receives this will LOVE it. I know, I would. 
  8. Glassine Bags- You can use anything around the house and add twine to it. You can create a handmade fabulous look. Seriously, look at this DIY project that is to DIE FOR. Yep, your drooling. It's fabulous, right?
  9. Fun with Fonts- Perfection for typeography lovers. So simple. So Chic.  
  10. Photographs – You can’t wrap a gift in a photograph without ruining the photo but you can still use it to add some style. Try wrapping the gift in plain white paper and add a holiday-themed photo, like one of these. Wow factor at hardly any cost. 
Do you use the same hum drum Christmas wrapping paper? Try something different this year. It doesn't have to be expensive at all. Be Creative. Be Fun. Be Fabulous! Be Merry!
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Christmas Cards: Watch Shutterfly and I Do Work...

Have I told you before about my deep love for all things Shutterfly? Remember when I was going crazy about the boys birthday shindigs. Well, Shutterfly so graciously helped calm me by providing fabulous photo card invitations. Once again, they are here to save my behind. Do you realize Christmas is only 11 sleeps away? {sigh}

As you all know I am not a Christmas card kind of gal. Why? I have no clue but after our photo shoot with the lovely and talented Nikki James Photography. I couldn't help myself. The pictures were to die for and I knew Shutterfly would make our Christmas cards fabulous. So, I will be heading to Shutterfly for our first EVER family Christmas card. Let me just tell you I am so excited to order them. Check out just a small sampling of holiday cards they have available:

Seriously, how stinkin adorable are these? Please head on over and take a look at all of these fabulous, drool worthy  Christmas photo cards. Just a warning: Our 1st EVER Christmas card may show up at your door 3 days after Christmas but for us, that's okay. We like to have the spot light all to ourselves. i also totally forgot to order the cards on time
So, am I the only procrastinator of the bunch? Are your Christmas cards out yet? 
Disclosure: Shutterfly is giving me free cards in exchange for this post. I truly loved the cards well before the free loot. If you’re a blogger, you can get free cards too!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

The fabulous Winner of the Reader Appreciation Gift Package {which was selected by Random.Org} is:
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:
Thank you to all of you for reading and your sweet comments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Congrats, Emily, please email me at with your address so I can send this fabulous prize package out to you!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am... Organically Yours

I have been trying to clean up our eating around this castle. We tend to be carb and sugar kind of group here. If you like processed foods, you would LOVE us here at our castle. However, I have made an executive decision to *try* and add some healthy, organic foods that the men in this house wont spit out on their plates {including Coach W}. So far, the prize of best organic eater goes to the one who doesn't talk or at least what he says sounds more like gibberish. He and I have fallen in love with HappyBaby. 

If you're in baby food mode, like I am, than you probably know that there are a lot of great options out there...I must say Cole LOVES this food. I LOVE this food.
HappyBaby is a line of premium organic baby meals founded by 2 women who wanted to bring fresh, organic, homemade baby food to people who don't have the time to do it all themselves. A.K.A. Me {thanks ladies} 
They have: No pesticides, No chemical fertilizers, No genetic modification and No slaving in the kitchen!  

I heart this happy pouch of organic goodness. Here is why...

~Easy transport. The squeeze tubes are a genius ides. I can put them in my purse. I don't need a bowl or spoon. 
~ Ready to eat. No heating it up. Just open and squeeze. 
~There is no mess involved. {This is huge in my book. I am somewhat OCD and the no mess minus some drool is fabulous}
~ Most importantly, they are yummy! 

If you are looking for an organic line of baby food that is DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS, here you go! Oh the reasons I heart you HappyBaby. Now, if only they had these for adults....
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Patiently. Waiting. Praying. Anxious. {all over a Penis} PART DEUX

My blonde hair, blue-eyed love with Wii controller in hand shouts,"Hey, Captain Whiny Pants go play with sompin."

This little guy has been let's just say a tad bit on the needy side the past couple of days. Maybe because he knows that tomorrow he is having surgery on his "instrument" {as the Urologist called it}. I have heard it called many things but an instrument. Okay?! Remember this post? Well, tomorrow is surgery day. I have to say I was at total peace with it after we went back last week but now... I am getting a little anxious. {sigh} I know. I know. It will be fine. I know it's a ten minute procedure. I know that he has cut over 300 little penis parts this year {ouch}. BUT... I also know that my sweet baby is little, he doesn't understand why he will have an IV. Why all of these strangers will be around him. Why he will be in a little gown and out of his favorite feety pajamas. One day, I know he will be happy that we did this. One day, he wont look at me with tears as they take him into the surgery room. {sigh} I don't know if I can do this. I have no choice. So, I will do it. I will pray. I will pray and then I will pray some more. and I will tell the doctor if he hurts my sweet baby I will cut his penis off 

So, for tonight and tomorrow I will cling to this verse. "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." 
Phillipians 4:6

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday 2010: Fabulous Modern Gifts Under $25

Not everything has to cost an arm and a leg to be modern, stylish and uber cool. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas Gift that won’t break the bank, I have found the best gifts under $25. Whether you need to buy for your man, the kids, a friend, coworker, or a gift exchange, one of these items is sure to suit your needs.

Lets begin, shall we?










1. Stainless Steel Straws { Brook Farm $18} 
These are so sheek, eco-friendly and seriously so modern. How fabulous would you look sipping your diet coke lemonade through these. A great stocking stuffer for the entertainer in your life!
2. Polka-Dot Coasters {Kate Spade $20} 
How fabulous are these? Playful, fun and stylish and so New York. To top it off the box they come in are just as adorable as the coasters. Love. 
3. Animal Flashcards {A Modern Eden $10}
I LOVE these. I have them and used them in my nursery as a border. They are multi-functional and just adorable. Fabulous design and uber cool for your nursery. What kid wouldn't want to learn when it's this fun to look at?  
4. Ikat Mini Bowl {Anthropologie $5.95}
Add a little candy in one of these bowls and wrap it up! A fun, simple, stylish gift for anyone!
 5. Tyrol Horn Cup {Jayson Home and Garden $21}
Seriously, what guy wouldn't feel a little more manly drinking out of this. I loved it. Modern, great design and organic. What could be better?
Eco-friendly, Modern, Stylish... need I say more? What a way to stand out. So many have the I-Phones but have you seen a cover like this before? Love it!
7. Cup Cake Bath Fizzies {Etsy $5.00}
These are to die for. How adorable? They come in all different colors and smells. What a great way to add a little flair to your stocking stuffer!
For all of you music lovers. This is a sleek, fabulous wall decal. This will add a splash of color to any room you put it in.
9. Eco Play Dough {Giggle $20}
What child doesn't like play dough? These are colorful and just look fun. Best of all, they're made from all-natural ingredients for good, healthy fun.
10. Double Timer  {Uncommon goods $18}
For all of you cooks out there... here is a Retro design that allows you to boil pasta for 30 minutes and simmer the sauce for 20 minutes at the same time. Fabulous.

So, get to shopping. Only 18 more days till Christmas. Which one do you like? Also, if you haven't already please make sure and sign up for my Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

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How to keep off the 7-10lb weight gain this Holiday Season

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