Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Edition: Weekend in Review

Friends, Oh how I have missed you. How was Christmas? Ours was filled with absolute craziness, loudness, controlled chaos, laughter, birthday celebrations and joy. Always miss my dad during the holidays but the sadness turns into joy when I see so many dear friends and family. I do have a question though. Why is it that so many {me included} only see certain family during the holidays {or at funerals}? It's kinda sad... Granted, I am not gonna lie there are some I am thankful that it's only once a year. Did I just say that out loud? Is that bad? Lets just act like I never said that. Mmkay.. 

The boys were so into everything this year. It made my heart happy to see them so excited. The sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and then in the next breath were ready for Santa. In fact, on Christmas Eve while on our way to Coach W family's Christmas we almost hit 4 deer. The boys were convinced it was Santa. Here one of my favorite pictures of when we got home on Christmas Eve. They LOVED looking at the tree. I swear I didn't beg them to stare up at the tree and act like they loved it. {fingers crossed behind my back}  

Christmas Eve. Seriously the PJ's. Love.

Christmas morning was perfect. My sister and her family came over. They live in Kentucky so it always a treat for them to come in town. I couldn't wait to give sweet Madison all her gifts! Of course, my mom was here. My sister and I surprised her with lots of fun stuff a trip to Easton, a canvas print of sweet baby Cole, a fabulous clutch and some spending money for our upcoming trip. She was so elated she started crying. {I love when I can be a part of making someone cry because they are so happy} 

FYI this picture was taken at 7 am Christmas morning!

The boys were so blessed by our families. They ALWAYS go above and beyond. It is somewhat humbling to see how the Lord uses them to bless our family SO much. My in laws are a huge blessing to our life and it is always more than evident around this time of year.

Funny story: My mom and I went on a shopping trip to Ikea. {my second in a week, holla} Once again, we always have a story. I will just tell you part of it because it totally deserves it's own post. We kinda *stole* a ladies purse. Yep, who does that right? It wasn't on purpose but totally happened. Did I mention she was from a different country. Oh. My. 

To be honest... I am kinda over the holiday season. Truly I am. I have already started to take down some of the decorations. I know, don't say it. It's too early but I need my routine back. My kids, my house, my body we all need our routine. Now that I have written a book about our weekend... What was your favorite memory about this weekend? Mine was bringing my moms to tears {in a good way of course} What was yours? 

P.S. I know I said it before but I missed you... really, I did. 


  1. The BEST Christmas!! Love you so much!! Dad would be so proud!!

  2. Love you and loved having your family here with us! Happy New Year Sister!


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