Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Be Still My Heart

My Sweet Baby Cole
You are changing daily and to see you growing up so quickly
is exciting and a bit overwhelming to me.
You my love are Crazy

You keep me on my toes all day everyday.
You started doing this face that melts my heart.
You scrunch up you eyes and smile with the biggest 
grin EVER. You do this because it never fails.
I laugh every time. Oh my sweet baby 
you make my heart smile.

You like to do big boy things now. In fact, I think you 
pretty much have convinced yourself that you are as old 
as your brothers. If they can do it, you can do it {or so you think}.
And like all big boys do, you have a mind of your own. You favorite
thing is to play football with your brothers.

You have become obsessed with dogs and birds. You exude JOY every time
you see them. You will stop everything and just watch. I wish I knew what
was going on in that little mind. It's something special because your grin says it all.
Sweet baby you will stand by that window and wait and watch for a
little bird to come over. It is simply priceless.

You still drink a bottle {a lot}. 
I know you are not supposed to and I even maybe told a fib to your 
pediatrician and said you really don't drink a bottle anymore.
That's okay, right buddy? You love it.
 You snuggle up on me and lean your sweet little head back 
and drink your bottle. I know these times are short and few so I am soaking up
every snuggle time I squeeze in with you.


 You LOVE brushing your teeth. 
You always want to do it by yourself
while your brothers are brushing theirs. You look so proud of yourself.
My sweet boy I am so proud of you. You are growing out of your 
baby stage and moving full force into a

 Sometimes when I am home with you, 
I just sit back and I watch you.
 I try to get into that little head of yours and 
see the world through your eyes. 
And in these moments,
 I realize there is so much I can learn
 from you my sweet boy.

You see this world through pure eyes. 
You see me, your very imperfect mom, as perfect.
You still only want me. You follow me everywhere. You cry every time I leave.
You warm my heart and make me feel so needed and loved.
You teach me to love with all that I am. You teach me to
take chances and not worry about falling. If I fall then I get back up. Just like you do. 
Thank you my growing little boy for showing me more of the beauty of Jesus by simply 
being you. I am so thankful to be your mommy.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Friends

 Can you feel it? Summer is almost officially here! And after such a crazy winter and rainy start to Spring we all deserve a little dancing in the sunshine. Lemonade for breakfast and ice-cream for dinner. Don't ya think?

 This weekend as been so refreshing I have eaten more junk then ever should be humanly allowed {and I loved every second}. I may have also let my little men eat cake balls at 8:00 pm and encouraged them to play in the mud a little more than usual. 

{Does he not just steal your heart? His little smirk says it all.}

So far one of my favorite memories of this weekend was a fun family game of Wiffle Ball. We are SO competitive in everythiing we do {including family wiffle ball}. As I was trying to make a huge play for my team I ran to catch a ball and forgot how muddy it was. I literally fell flat on my back in the mud. I could have won America's Funniest Home Videos for sure!

All of my boys were doubled over laughing. I was crying from laughing so hard. Oh friends this is the good life. Who knew falling in mud, playing wiffle ball, getting so dirty I don't recognize who I am could be so PERFECT. 

Tell me on this Memorial Day Monday what are some fun things you do with your family? Also, how are you celebrating the wonderful men and women both past and present who serve our country to allow us the freedom to play wiffle ball with our families?  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh Friday

 I have been waiting for you.
 This has just been one of those weeks.
A. Long. Draining. Week.
  Thankful to spend some quality time with my three little men.
To run, jump, dance and play with them. 
To be part of their big world this weekend.

Oh Friends I can't wait. 
To laugh with him. Tickle them.
Love on them. Spoil them. Wrap my arms around them.
Soak in their sweet dimples
I need it. A breath of fresh air. 
I need to see this world through their
sweet eyes. It is good for my soul. It makes me happy and I can't wait
to get lost in this weekend with them.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Are you ready for this weekend like I am?
So do tell, what are your special plans? 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Interrupt...

..... this weekly scheduled Etsy post to tell you a story of how I thought I was going to be swept away in the mother load of all storms. While many around SW Ohio were hearing of upcoming Tornado watches and warnings I was focused on getting my little men fed and getting myself out the door. Where was I going you ask? Zumba {of course}

I never really get to worried about storms. I actually like them because I love watching the meteorologist. Seriously, are they not hilarious? Anyways. As I walk into Zumba I realize there aren't as many ladies there as usually. I was excited about this because that meant more room for me to shake my booty and you know I love to shake the booty. I really didn't think much of it until.....

We were told to go out into the hallway. Of course, I grab my phone and text the Coach W to see what is going on at home and just pray that my boys aren't having the big one. He lets me know all is well. They are safe in the basement and are just fine. Then he says, "It's headed your way. Whatever you do don't leave." For those who know my husband the first thing you soon realize is he is a NO DRAMA kind of guy. So, that is when I started to get a little concerned.

After waiting in the hallway and watching women around me do squats and some arm exercises I started to laugh. I don't know if I was laughing because I was nervous or because these crazy women were doing squats in the middle of what could be a tornado. As we all waited in the hallway a man comes running in and has us move to another part of the building. As we are walking it starts to hail and storm like I have never heard or seen. The lights went out. I screamed only to have my cousin right there to grab onto and continue to walk in the dark. Thankfully, the lights came back on and we stayed hidden in a back corner of the church.

The second we could leave I ran out. I just wanted to get home to my boys. I couldn't believe the damage all around me. My beloved swagger wagon has huge dents all over it and my light is busted out. As I am driving and seeing all of the street lights out and debris everywhere I can't help but think of the dear people of Joplin. I can't imagine what they are going through.

I pull in the driveway and run in my house only to find my three sweet babies sound asleep in their beds. My two older boys are snuggled together. My sweet Mason is so snuggled up to his brother he is practically laying on him. I am relieved. I am thankful.

As Coach went to go help his parents clean up the damage to their house and cars I was able to take a minute to simply thank Jesus for protecting my boys and to lift up the sweet people of Joplin.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello, lovely friends!
I hope your week is going great so far. I, for one, am so looking forward to Memorial Day cookouts and for some family fun. I can hardly wait! Thankfully, there has been a lot going on around here to keep me busy and help the time fly by.
      I think one of my favorite things about linking up with Lindsey is it gives me some fashion accountability but even more than that I LOVE reading all of your comments and answers to my random questions! You make me smile with your encourgament. So, thank you. 

This past weekend we actually had a break from the rain and the sun was out. It was hot and beautiful. One thing I love about the weather warming up is going to cookouts and getting to spend some time with friends as we let our children run some energy off outside. So, here are my weekend Barbecue outfits.

Sequin Tank~ Target
Jeans~ Seven Jeans

Sequin Tank~ Target
Jeans~ Seven Jeans

Boots~Victoria Secret

Since we are talking about cookouts and Memorial Day. Here is a fun question for all of you. What is your favorite condiment to put on your hamburger or hotdog? I am a ketchup and mustard kind of gal. What about YOU? Enjoy the rest of your week. xoxox

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten Ways to Brighten Up Your Castle.

The flowers are blooming, the temperatures are rising, and Spring if finally here. This is a time of year that I just love. The smell of fresh grass and flowers just make me happy. As you open your home to the warm months of spring, it’s time to clean out old man winter and give your castle a breath of fresh air. It's time to brighten up your castle. 

1. Treat your windows to something new.  What I have done at our castle is bought Sheer Panels. It allows for more like to shine in the house and if you are like me I NEED light! They are super cheap and you can get them in many different colors. 

2. Rug it up.  Lighter colored rugs will brighten your room. Rugs provide a great focal point in any open room. If anyone ever asks me what is the ONE thing they should do to change the look or feel of the room I ALWAYS say go with a RUG! 

3. Paint it. There are many different things you can do with this. For example, paint your trim or a single wall a new color. You can also paint a few simple squares on the wall and add picture frames to the squares and you have a entire new look!

4. Mirror It. If you would walk into my castle at this very moment you would see many different types and styles of mirrors. {no, it's not because we like to look at ourselves} When you add a mirror to a room or hallway you add depth which makes the room appear to be much bigger than it is. 

5. Trim it Up. Look around your house {kitchen, family room} in many of these rooms you can add trim and decorative moldings. Crown molding will give a classic feel to any room.

6. New linens. Not many of us can rearrange our bedroom furniture, but what you can do to freshen up your bedroom is simple update your linens. 

7. Light it upI love a good lamp. I have found some of the most affordable and extraordinary floor lamps at Ikea. You can even use the lamps you have and simple update the lamp shade on them. Very easy. Very affordable.

8. Pillows. Every room can be instantly made bright and cozy by adding one or two decorative pillows. You can use different textures, shapes and colors to add that special something to your room. 

9. Rearrange the furniture. What I LOVE about this is that it is FREE. You don't have to buy anything you simple move what you have around. Change it up a bit. It’s not only refreshing but it will give your room a whole new look! You just might be amazed at the fresh appearance of your room. Try it.

10. Flowers. I LOVE fresh flowers. They just make you feel alive. You can spruce up any room by added some fresh flowers. The great thing about flowers is that they help to balance your room and space. It doesn't have to be a huge amount. You can simply get a few small vases and add one flower to each.
So, tell me what did I miss? What are some fun, easy ways you brighten up your castle this time of year?

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Monday, May 23, 2011

This week I am saying YES to...

...getting up before my kids

...worrying less about the future

...making this week a great last full week of school for my boys

...surprising my soon to be Kindergarten graduate with lunch at school

...making my Lord smile

...leaving my hubs a handwritten note

...embracing these crazy busy days

...remember that my enough IS good enough

...laughing at the craziness that is our life right now

...making a difference in someone around me

...focusing on what is true

...enjoying and celebrating my friendships

...being myself

...taking deep breaths

...Oh and watching the Bachelorette {I seriously can't wait}

On this glorious Monday what are you saying YES to... 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Weekending

Source: piccsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Is that not hilarious? I loved it! I am sure by now you have heard of Pinterest. I first checked it out last week when someone text me that they saw ME {shocking, I know} pinned on Pinterest.  Can anyone say FAMOUS!! {i kid. i kid.}

Once you look around for three minutes you will be hooked. So, if you haven't you must check it out. In case you haven't heard of it yet in a nutshell Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. A place where you can share your own personal style and taste with the rest of the world. 

So what I want to know from you is... Are you on Pinterest? If so, let me know I would love to check out your personal style. It is a beautiful day out and we are soaking up the sun {finally}! Enjoy your family.

Happy Weekend and Happy Pinning! 


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Love Thursday {Allora Handmade}

Can you believe it's Thursday already? School is almost out and I feel like the days are all running together. It's craziness around here! I hope you all are enjoying all of the featured Etsy shops on here lately. Normally, I introduce you to Etsy shops but because I am feeling a little crazy I thought I would do something a bit different. You are going to be SO happy I am switching it up and introducing you to an adorable girl named Jessica. She has a shop called Allora Handmade.  She makes some of the most unbelievable rosette jewelry I have ever seen. 


I had to put her picture on here because she is just adorable. What is even better is she is so talented. Just wait until you see all of her jewelry. Seriously, you are going to LOVE it. 
I have been wanting one of her necklaces and one of her earrings and one of her bracelets and a headband {or two} for FOREVER. However, due to my indecisiveness I still haven't ordered one and then I remembered... Hello, I have all of YOU to help me. So, could you please help a sister out? First, go check out her shop. I am warning you now... You will want to buy one of everything. 

Are you ready? Here is what I have narrowed it down to.



I  just smile when I look at these.

Was I right or what? Now can you see why I was having so many issues deciding! All of her necklaces are so detailed and beautifully crafted. They just make you feel happy by looking at them!

Want more of Jessica from Allora Handmade? Of course you do. Go check out her blog 
~The BLOG {You will LOVE her} 
You can also follow Jessica on Facebook and Twitter 
Until next week, enjoy this fabulous day and have fun shopping at Allora HandmadeDon't forget...I am counting on you. Which one of these beauties should I get? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday {Workout Edition}

Happy Wednesday, beautiful people! It’s yet another fun week of WIWW...  a time where we link up with Lindsey and show off our outfits, smiles and fabulous poses. So… this week I thought I would change it up a bit. If you are new to the blog let me fill you in real quick. I have this love for dance and a need to workout so I don't weigh 300lbs. I am the type that gains weight just by looking at food. I thought it would be fun to show you what I wore to workout in this week. It's nothing flashy but I thought it might give you some ideas beside the go to t-shirt and shorts. 

Tank: Target
Sports Bra: Target
Headband: Target

Tank Top: Victoria Secret
Yoga Capri Pant: Victoria Secret

Tank Top: Target
Sports Bra: H&M
Yoga Capri Pant:Victoria Secret

Please know I am not that girl at the gym who just walks on the treadmill hoping to not ruin her makeup {you totally know what I am talking about}. However, I am the girl who sweats like crazy and works her butt off BUT needs to be comfortable and feel good about herself! So, here is a fun question for YOU... If you HAD to exercise what one exercise would you do?? Run, Walk, Zumba, Pilates.... {eating isn't a exercise :) }

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning {for a cause}

What if I told you that these sweet little smiles and deep,
dark brown eyes are living in poverty with no mom or dad.
Yet, they smile.  
 They don't care about the labels on their clothes. 
They don't care about the latest fashion trends 
or what the new 'color' of the season is. 
They are just praying that they have clothes. 
That they have enough food to sustain them.
They smile in the midst of sheer poverty. 
To many of these sweet Uganda angels
a pair of socks or a new pair of panties is like 
Christmas morning times 100. 

When I read about how a friend of mine 
was going back to see these same sweet faces I was overjoyed. 
For her. For those little angels.
When I heard she was having a garage sale 
to help in raising funds for her daughter
to go with her on this upcoming trip 
I wanted to get involved.

So, I started doing some 'Spring Cleaning' of my own.
If your closet looks anything like mine,
then you know that you have clothes you haven't worn for a while,
but keep hanging on to them in case you just might need it!  
When I cleaned my closet this week for this purpose,
I started to realize all of this 'stuff' is just that 'stuff'.

So, I will be delivering a bag of clothes in hopes
 to help in just a small way. I am grateful to 
be apart of something like this. These sweet little 
faces will soon have someone wrapping 
their arms around them, showering them
with new clothes and loving on them like crazy. 

I thought I would throw out a challenge
to all of you. Do some spring cleaning of your own. 
  Are you willing to let some 'things' go?
I challenge you to donate clothes to a charity or a family 
you know that could use them way more than you. If you decide 
to take on the challenge I would LOVE to hear from you.
It doesn't have to be a huge amount it is all about
your heart. What a different world this would be
if we put others before ourselves. 

 ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the
 least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
 {Matthew 25:40} 

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