Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday {Workout Edition}

Happy Wednesday, beautiful people! It’s yet another fun week of WIWW...  a time where we link up with Lindsey and show off our outfits, smiles and fabulous poses. So… this week I thought I would change it up a bit. If you are new to the blog let me fill you in real quick. I have this love for dance and a need to workout so I don't weigh 300lbs. I am the type that gains weight just by looking at food. I thought it would be fun to show you what I wore to workout in this week. It's nothing flashy but I thought it might give you some ideas beside the go to t-shirt and shorts. 

Tank: Target
Sports Bra: Target
Headband: Target

Tank Top: Victoria Secret
Yoga Capri Pant: Victoria Secret

Tank Top: Target
Sports Bra: H&M
Yoga Capri Pant:Victoria Secret

Please know I am not that girl at the gym who just walks on the treadmill hoping to not ruin her makeup {you totally know what I am talking about}. However, I am the girl who sweats like crazy and works her butt off BUT needs to be comfortable and feel good about herself! So, here is a fun question for YOU... If you HAD to exercise what one exercise would you do?? Run, Walk, Zumba, Pilates.... {eating isn't a exercise :) }


  1. CrossFit...always and forever! :-)

  2. I generally just do machines like the elliptical or treadmill, but I really do like Zumba when I can catch a class. Your headbands are so cute!

  3. Cute workout outfits! Makes me want to go buy some more :) I'm a HUGE Jillian Michaels fan, so I do her DVD's. It's great because they are only 30 minutes!

  4. Without a doubt: yoga! Love that you can make it any intensity and you are using your own body weight the entire time. Have a good workout!

  5. You look WAY more cute than I do at the gym! I never think outside the box when it comes to workout clothes.

    For me? Yoga. Hands down. I love kickboxing, too.

  6. I love your headbands! You look so cute when you workout, I do not look that cute working out!

    I need to start doing some kind of exercise, my friend does Zumba and she is always trying to get me to come along. I would love to try yoga too.

  7. Every year I hope to start running, every year goes by I still hope. This year I bought shoes, maybe next year I will wear them :)

  8. Running is my answer (I'm running NYC marathon this year!) Found you via the What I Wore linky--I'm thrilled to find all these stylish mamas still making an effort to show some flair. If you want to see my shot check out:

  9. I would dance (I am sure I would love Zumba, but have yet to try it). I love that top ensemble, you look so cute.

  10. i love these workout outfits! i need to start doing this!

  11. Ms Maria,

    Looking fab again this week!

    Working out? Oy. Yeah, not so much.
    But if I had to....hmm. I'll go with zumba.


  12. I hopped over here from your what I'm wearing link.

    It's're just way too cute for working out. I'm guilty of always just throwing on a tee and shorts and looking messy.

  13. Cute cute cute! I myself am not a huge fan of exercise BUT I loooove Zumba!

  14. LOVE this post! I to the gym at LEAST 5-6 days a week (I try for 7)! Your workoutfits are SUPER cute! My favorite exercise when I just want to run in and get it done is jumping on the eliptical. Especially when I have a book I'm engrossed in ;) It's the only QUIET time I get, which is why I go every day ;)

    Other than that, I LOVE this Les Mills class my gym has, Body Pump. It's an hour of muscle building exercises set to some pretty great music and it REALLY makes you feel strong afterward! Well ... if you call feeling like a sick kitten could beat you up, strong LOL - but that was just the first {few} times!

  15. I never look that cute when I workout! Such a great edition of WIWW!

  16. uh I for sure don't look that cute when I work out!! and the sparkle headband amazing...cause everyone needs a little sparkle...even when they are working out


  17. If I looked that cute in workout clothes, I'd wear them all the time! Love the headbands!

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