Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacation, Vacaciones, 'En Vacances'

I buy new shoes for it,  I can't sleep the night before,  
I surprise my crew with lots of goodies wrapped up  for the long road trip ahead and I actually enjoy it.  However, getting everything ready for it royally STRESSES a girl out.  Do you get stressed out preparing for your getaway?  I make a million lists but then I make lists of the lists I need to make.


Who does this and where did I learn such crazy behavior?  It has to be someones fault other than mine, right?  Speaking of cray cray... Yesterday while I was running a few of my million errands I saw these two spots on my windshield.  I somehow hit something and of course for the first time ever I have to call and have a guy come out and fix our windshield.

Keep in mind I am packing loads of crap  fun beach stuff and who knows what else. I really don't have time for this.  So, I stress to the sweet lady at the glass shop that I need the guy out first thing in the morning. 

I should of known this was going to be quite the day.  I am in the shower and hear my phone ring.  I know it's my guy so I jump out,  slip and pretty much pull a butt muscle.  How is that even possible?  The good news is I did get to my phone.  Of course, I answer and act very calm and collective.  He informs me he is 10 minutes away.  Awesome. 
{side note: yes, I did get ready in 10 minutes-- impressive, I know}

I watch him pull up and go out and inspect my windshield.  He knocks on my door and asks me to come out and show him where the cracks are.  My first thought is, " Hello, isn't this your job" but I go over and point out the two cracks. 

He tells me to stay right where I am at. He goes over to his truck grabs a razor blade and some windex. Yes, you read it correctly- WINDEX! Within about 10 seconds the "cracks" were gone. There was no cracks or scratches or anything. 
My windshield was dirty. 


Who does that?  Of course, I start laughing and apologize for being such a moron.  He chuckled and said, "Oh people do this all the time." He was clearly lieing to try and help my ego.  Nice guy but I am sure he was looking forward to telling everyone about the crazy lady with a dirty windshield!

I guess it's a good thing my toes will be in the sand in a few short days.  I clearly need something!   So, do you have any stories like this?
 Probably not BUT if you do I would love to hear them and we clearly need to be friends. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Things Kids Say... {Part 1}

Just when I think that I have heard it all. 
This kid proves me oh so very wrong.

As we are getting ready for his first day of basketball camp here is our conversation... 
{Side note: How great is that shirt?! He is the littlest guy on the court but he is so darn cute and intense. I could just eat him up! } 

Me: {Leaning over him}... Mason let me help you with that...
Mason: Mom, could you get your balls out of my face?!
Me: {Trying not to fling myself on the floor in laughter}
 Mason what did you just say?
Mason: Please get your balls out of my face. There all in my face. 

I slowly leave the room holding my laughter until I reach the next room. Clearly, we need to have a talk about anatomy! :) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Year Of Joy

My sweet boy. You did it.
We prayed for a place, a school where we could call home for you, 
while your away from home.
I am so thankful that when you walked in the doors this year
you learned, you laughed, you were loved on day in and day out.

I have seen you come into your own. You have made me so proud my sweet boy. I always believed that when you left our little castle that you would be great but I never expected you to be such an incredible little man. 

Your character.
The respect you show to others.
The way you always try and do your best.
Your conviction to do the right thing.
Your laugh.

So much has happened this year. 
You made so many great friendships.
Mrs. Miller was your biggest fan. 
You placed first at field day.
Your lost your first tooth.
You read and read and read some more.
You had your first nights of homework and school projects.
You did so much this year for the first time on your own. 

You are growing so fast my sweet boy and changing so quickly. You went from needed my help on so many things to really doing so much on your own. 
I don't want to forget these moments with you. 
As I walked you into school this morning on your last day... you grabbed my hand and just squeezed it. I can't believe after today you are going to be a second grader. I can remember sitting in your nursery, rocking you as a baby and you would squeeze my finger just the way you squeezed my hand this morning. Nana was so right when she said that this time is so short. I am so proud of you. I am so thankful for this school year. Can you believe you were the only First Grader with perfect attendance this year? The look on your face at the awards ceremony when Mrs. Miller announced it was priceless. 
It made my heart smile! You make me smile. 
You bring joy to so many and I am so thankful to be your mom.

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