Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Moving Giveaway

When was the last time you took a moment and celebrated your body? Not because it's well built or attractive but because it's an impressive piece of  art.  One of the many things that can easily get me going is when I hear moms tell me they don't have time to exercise or they are too tired.  I remember a distinct conversation I had with another mom. I was 5 months pregnant with my third boy and she said, " Oh the third one will make you stay fat."  Then she proceeded to grab here jiggly belly.  I remember thinking there no one in h@$$ I am going to let that happen.  Do I think I need to be a stick figure. NO. I do have a strong conviction though that I owe it to myself, my kids and my husband to be HEALTHY.  

One of the many ways to be healthy is to exercise.  Find something you like to do.  I know for me in the last 6 months I have developed a LOVE for Zumba. It has truly not only changed my body but also my mind.  I know it sounds kinda cheesy but I leave the class feeling energized and confidant in myself. In turn it makes me a better mom, wife, co-worker and friend. 

Find something.
You make time for things that are important and until YOU consider YOURSELF important, you will NEVER have time.  Long after your house is quiet and the babies are all grown you will still be saying the same thing and still be miserable wondering how you never lost those 30lbs you swore you would lose.    

Is it easy. NO. Is it worth it? Without a doubt, YES! For me, I get up before my kids and husband and go to workout at the gym. On days I don't make it I go outside for a run or I do Jillian's kick your butt video. Are there days I am exhausted and have a pity party for myself because I just want someone to pamper me? YES. One thing I can promise you is if you start to create an active routine it will make it SO much easier.

Did you know that for every 1 lb of muscle you gain, your body burns an extra 50 calories a day? If you can turn at least 5 lbs of extra "fat" into muscle, you will automatically burn an additional 250 calories per day.  That's the equivalent to burning enough calories to melt 26 pounds over a year! 

Like I said, It's not about losing weight. That is just a perk. Is it about taking care of your body. It is about having a break and focusing 30 minutes on just YOU. I don't want to hear "I feel guilty I should be doing x, y and z". Not to be a B but you are not THAT important and your family will survive for the 30 min-hour you are gone. It’s time to toss aside the excuses and make a commitment to yourself to get active for at least 30 minutes each day. Once you're active on a regular basis, you won't believe all of the benefits that you'll feel, both mentally and physically

You deserve this. So, stop making excuses and start moving your body.

For the month of September, I will be posting Workout Wednesday posts. Check them out. At the end of the month I will be giving away some of my favorite Jillian Michael's workout DVDs. 

You can enter 3 ways:
1Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know what you are doing to Get Moving!
2) For an extra entry, Post on Facebook about the giveaway and leave a comment letting me know.
3) For an extra entry, Follow @thebmcreport on Twitter.

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, September 29th.  Good luck and Get Moving!

Excited to hear your success stories!! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Decorating for a New Season

One of my biggest passions is home decor.  Why?  Everyone has a place they live but not everyone has a home.  I feel like your home is a reflection of who you are.  I desire for others  to have a sense of pride in their home. I want you to be excited to have family and friends over.  For your kids to want to have their house be the place they and their friends go to instead of running somewhere else. 

When asked to go into a home and give suggestions the first thing I always tell people is... LESS IS MORE.  Get rid of  the clutter. Yes, this means that little trinket that is missing an arm but for some reason you have held on to it for way to long or the pair of shoes you haven't warn for five years but for some reason think you will wear them in the next month. 


With the new school year here and Fall right around the corner, I decided this weekend to change up the decor a bit. One of my absolute favorite things in my house is my kitchen calendar.  If you are like us you have a million different things going on and a million different places to be.  This is a great way to keep the family organized and a nice modern accessory you can add to your kitchen.

I am quickly realizing that my son's homework soon becomes our homework and this year he has to learn a memory verse a week.  Kind of a daunting task for a little guy.  In an effort to help him and I both learn I decided to purchase the Peel & Stick Chalkboard . I already have some of their other accessories and can't say enough good things about them.

Here are the some of the reasons I LOVE this purchase:
  • Removable and repositionable.
  • Write on them with chalk, wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • Works on walls, wood, glass, paper and more!
  • Easy to remove, won't harm most surfaces.
  • Very Modern way to accessories a not so modern chalkboard

    I then went to Ikea (favorite hot spot) for purchasing budget friendly accessories for my home.  I purchased a new kitchen and bathroom rug as well as new towels to spruce up my bathroom.  One of my favorite ways to change the look of a room is by adding a rug.  It's an inexpensive way to add color and different elements to a room. If you are decorating on a budget try incorporating some of these budget-friendly accents into your home. They're the perfect way to make over your space without breaking the bank.
    • Comfy Accent Pillows: Pick them up at the end of the season when they go on clearance.
    • Seasonal Candles: A great way to not only have your home look the part but also smell the part. 
    • Sleek Curtains: Powerful decoration that really change the atmosphere of a room.
    What are some ways you are getting your house ready for my favorite season of all, FALL?

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    One of "those" days.

    Please tell me you have had one of those days where you wish you could crawl back under the sheets and start it all over again? Have you had one of those days that you wonder if you are parenting the right way? Have you ever had one of those days where it felt like as hard as you try, sometimes it's just not good enough? Have you ever had one of those days where you just had to laugh or you would literally curl up and cry?

    Well, today is one of those days.

    Clue number one should have been when I didn't get up in time to do my morning run.  Clue number two should have been when I was rushing around like a crazy person to get the older kids to school on time.  Side note: Can someone please tell me why it is so dang hard to get everyone ready and out the door on school mornings?


    As we are pulling up to the school my best behaved older child is so happy and excited for school and my blue eyed not so happy child says, "I'm not going today. I will go another day." I try to explain as I am getting all three boys out and putting backpacks on that sometimes we don' get to choose what we are doing and this is one of those times.

    I drop my Kindergartner off and he is all smiles.  I go across the hall, set my 300lb baby down (car seat+baby= holy heaviness) and all of a sudden it was like a devilish child took my sweet little boy.  My blue-eyed monster  love starts crying hysterically, having in all out temper tantrum. You know the one that you see in a store and  you think to yourself, I am sure glad that's not my kid.

    Yep, that was my kid. 

    So, I decide after 15 minutes to take him in the car and then go back in. At this point I feel like I could have the big one. I soon realize this is just a battle of wills and I will win even if I myself have the big one in the process.

    After 40 minutes of tears, discipline and love I tell him he is going in and if he cries the entire time that's fine.  Much to his dismay we get out of the car,  I get my 300lb car seat out and we head towards the school. At this point my stomach hurts because I know he is going to flip out once we get in but I have to make him go in right?  If I don't he will do this everyday he goes to preschool.

    We get inside his class and here we go, again the tears start flowing. He says, "They did everything without me."  At this point I just want to take him home and cancel preschool all together.  I look at is teacher and whisper I am taking  him home and we will try again on Monday.  Feeling completely defeated an alarm starts going off.  Don't worry its just a FIRE DRILL.

    Are you flippin kidding me.  

    The blue eyed monster starts crying because now he is scared. The teacher says everyone has to get out.
    At this point I am feeling like Jesus himself pulled the alarm just for me. I quickly tell Mason he has to get in line fast because they all have to go outside.  I then make a b line for the other door.  Not looking back... I get ready to go out to my car when I look up. Guess whose class is standing beside MY van?  They have the entire friggin parking lot. Why are you beside MY van.  I then have to hide, squatted down beside a van so he can't see me. Keep in mind I still have my 300lb little man attached to my arm. After 10 minutes I look back and I am in the clear and I see my SWEET little man just as happy as can be walking in his class hand in hand with a friend.

    At this point I am feeling mentally and physically exhausted and it's only 9:15.  I decide to still stick with my original agenda and go to the grocery. As I am leaving I dig in my purse...  Where are my keys?  I then look in the car seat to make sure I didn't put them beside my sweet little baby. Nope. I then look in the car and sure enough one pair of keys sitting on the passenger seat.

    Seriously, am I on candid camera?  Did Ashton Kutcher decide to start a new Punk'd?

    I make the dreaded phone call to Mr. Compassion and tell him what happened.  He thinks I am playing a joke on him.  Soon enough he comes to my rescue.

    I came then went to pick up my Blue-eyed monster  love and wouldn't you know it, he had the best day ever. He is so happy and telling me, with every little detail, what all he did.


    I DEMAND a pay increase. I don't get paid nearly enough for this job they call, Motherhood.

    So, I would LOVE to know any tips you have on getting your child to not flip the frig out everytime you drop them off at school?  

    Thursday, August 26, 2010

    Beauty Must Have: The Glamorous Eyelash Curler

    Whats in your make-up bag right now? Most likely one my favorite beauty must-haves is in the bottom of that cute little bag you keep all your make-up in. Did you know long eyelashes make the eyes appear wider and brighter? Who wouldn't want to appear to have bigger eyes? Especially those days when you are going on 4 hours of sleep.

    One of the easiest ways to instantly improve your eyes is by using my friend, the Eyelash Curler. If you are like myself you aren't born with long thick eyelashes and I know there is no way in hades I have time to try and use fake lashes. 

    It's not just about having my friend. You need to make sure you use her properly. Here are some sure fire ways to get the most out of your new friend, THE EYELASH CURLER.

    How to use best eyelash curler :

    Step One:
    Make sure you have all your make-up off your eyes. 
    Step Two: *MOST IMPORTANT STEP * With your blow dryer on low heat, blow air on the curler for 5-7 seconds. Please make sure and touch the metal. It gets hot pretty fast.
    Step Three: Open up your curler, clamp your lashes as close to the roots as possible.  Hold for 20-30 seconds.
    Step Four: Apply your mascara
    Step Five: Although it's not the best thing for your lashes, every once in a while I repeat step 2 and 3 after I have applied my mascara. Please know that the lashes can stick to the curler and be torn from the roots. Sometimes glamorous times call for glamorous measures!!

    One of my very favorite eyelash curler is made by Shu Uemura. 

    Here is the link to my fabulous friend:

    Go ahead.... Now, go get your GLAM on. 

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    It's Poop Again

    My babies poop don't stank.  Right? 
    At some point in your diapering career, it's quite possible that you will encounter poop as it is being pooped or like in my case tonight, poop after it has been pooped and has been spread all over the crib and bodyTry as we might to avoid it, sometimes poop just happens. Not gonna lie, this entire situation could have been avoided had I gone in and checked on sweet Mr. Poopy Pants.  But I have a rule and that is when sweet Mr. Poopy Pants is asleep nobody, and I mean nobody, goes near the nursery.  

    I decided to break my own rule tonight (what was I thinking?) and just peek in the room to see my sweet little Mr. Poopy Pants happy and snuggled up dreaming about boobs (for nursing, of course) and bottles.  Much to my surprise, that was not the case.
    Not in the least.
    Oh little Mr. Poopy Pants was as happy as a fat kid eating cake.  Covered in poop.  Did you hear me?  Covered.  Unfriggin believable. 

    Here are the three options going through my overly stressed mind: 
    Option 1: flip the frig out   
    Option 2: flip the frig out
    Option 3: remain calm and composed  

    After having three overly successful poopers I started to learn how to not choose Option 1 or 2 and go for the road less traveled, Option #3.

    Here are 5 great tips on how to not flip the frig out: 
    1. Take a deep breath. Friends PLEASE remember to hold your nose and breathe through your mouth.  If you forget, you will trigger your gag reflex.
    Get Mr. Poopy Pants clean and away from the disaster site.  If not,  you will have Squirmed-in Poop in addition to 
    the poop fest that has already taken place.
    3. Laugh. Laugh and Laugh.  Poop happens. It comes with the job.
    4. Counted to 10 and go in for the kill.  Wam Bam thank you maam. Clean it up and get out of the room. Put the nastiness in the trash or in the washer immediately. 
    5. Pick up your Mr/Ms Poopy Pants and kiss them and then let them know they are grounded until they can change their own diapers.

    So, What option do you think I chose? 

    Normally like I said, it would be option 1 or 2 but today it was option #3. When I looked at Mr. Poopy Pants staring up at me from his castle, grinning from ear to ear, smothered in crapola I quickly realized I would take any amount of poop for the smile that only my Mr. Poopy Pants can give.

    Do you have any Mr. Poopy Pants tips or funny stories? I would love to hear them!

    This is how we do it.

    Good Morning Friends! Make it a GREAT day.

    Happy Wednesday!!!

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

    Oh my sweet little boy it's time.

    I knew this day would come. You are so excited and so ready.  You told me exactly what you wanted me to pack you for your first school lunch. You came inside today to ask me if I should make up some homework for you to do, so that you would know what to do for school. You are a little nervous and asked me, "Mom, what if I don't make friends?" My love, you will be fine, I promise. You will have more friends than you will know what to do with.     

    What I didn't know my little boy, is that this time would come so fast. I can remember the day I found out you were growing inside my belly. I can remember going over to Nana's house and hearing all of the yells and tears of pure joy. Know as I sit here I have tears running down my face. You are growing up too fast.  I am so thankful that for the last 5 years I have been able to be at home with you. I have been able to see you grow into a little man and I am beyond amazed at what joy you bring to our home. 

    My little boy, I know you will do GREAT and will meet lots of new friends. I know that this is the school you are supposed to be at. I know that your dad and I have prayed and feel more than confident that you will be loved and learn so much while you are away. 

    So, my sweet little boy have so much fun, learn alot and know that I will be there to pick you up the second the bell rings.

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Of course you would.

    Of course you would wait until we are on the beach to start crawling for the first time!

    Of course on the way down  you would get your first baby tooth. 

    Of course you would be the sweet little man that you are and let your brothers in on the fun.

    Of course you would try and eat the sand every time you were put down and then look up at me and start gut laughing.

    Of course you would be the patient one while your brothers have the spotlight.

    Of course you would be the one that Nanna would run over to the second she heard any type of a wimper.

    Of course you would be my perfect, snuggly, loving sweet baby sleeping with your baby hand on the football.


    Of course you see the ocean and go crawling towards it with no fear, just pure excitement.

    Of course you would be the one who makes our family complete.

    Of course you would.

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Baby who dat is? Oh, that just my Baby's Daddy.

    Summer is always good to Mr. Hunky.  Don't get me wrong, he is always hunky but summer time he gets extra hunky.  So, I couldn't help myself I had to post pictures of my hunky man.  

    Love this life.

    More of my baby's daddy, yes please.

    Two of my favorite men.

    Love them.


    Yep, you should be scared.

    One of the funniest pictures of vacation.  He was watching the kids play at like 11:00 pm before bed and had no idea I was taking this. 

    It's a family affair

    For some reason I had a slight obsession with getting family pictures on the beach.  Everyone does it right?  Then can someone please tell me why in the world it is such a HUGE FRIGGIN ORDEAL with my adorable family?  Is it because they all have penis'?  Seriously?  If I have a house full of girls I would think they would  LOVE getting all dressed up but with these little men you would think I am torturing them.

    Well, guess who wins this battle?  Of course, I do. I get the boys all dressed.  Try and make it a big deal and tell them how exciting it is and how much fun it will be.  They look at me like I have three heads.  Awesome.  

    We got down to the elevator and wouldn't you know, as we step out to walk on the beach it starts POURING.  Lord, did I do something wrong? Are you just trying to punish me?  

    It's funny isn't  it?  We decide to go to dinner and then try it again.  Off to Planet Hollywood we go.  First mistake... all the boys are in WHITE shirts.  Do you think they will spill anything?  Of course not, they are perfect and clean.   Guess who spills first?  Yep.  My blue eyed chatter box.  Oh and did I mention as we are getting ready to eat he drops a glass plate and it shatters EVERYWHERE.  Yes, everyone looks at us.  Because they are so captivated by our beauty right? Right.  

    Dinner is over.  Let the photo shoot begin.  Don't worry we have spilled honey mustard and ketchup all over the white shirts but I don't care.  We are going to the beach and everyone will smile and like it. 

    Love them.

    This makes my heart happy.

    Love these little men.


    Yep, these men are mine.

    Love these two brothers.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

    Love this of my mom and the boys!

    Ahhh... all the craziness was worth it. We FINALLY have our family pictures!

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