Monday, August 23, 2010

Of course you would.

Of course you would wait until we are on the beach to start crawling for the first time!

Of course on the way down  you would get your first baby tooth. 

Of course you would be the sweet little man that you are and let your brothers in on the fun.

Of course you would try and eat the sand every time you were put down and then look up at me and start gut laughing.

Of course you would be the patient one while your brothers have the spotlight.

Of course you would be the one that Nanna would run over to the second she heard any type of a wimper.

Of course you would be my perfect, snuggly, loving sweet baby sleeping with your baby hand on the football.


Of course you see the ocean and go crawling towards it with no fear, just pure excitement.

Of course you would be the one who makes our family complete.

Of course you would.


  1. I love it!!!!
    I seriously would put that last photo as your blog header pic! It is perfect! I wish you could have seen my blog before I was b/c I had the cutest pic of my 4 older boys on the beach holding hands looking away from me similar to yours! :)

  2. Thats a GREAT idea!! I am loving the picture that you have now. It just makes you want to smile! Thanks for reading my blog I truly appreciate it! Any suggestions you have I would love to hear them. :)


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