Saturday, March 15, 2014

11 Years down, a Lifetime to go! I wanna grow old with you...

11 years ago today I was a young, crazy excited, nervous bride. I wanted the day to be perfect. I wanted it to be perfect... for YOU! I knew my life would forever be changed. I knew YOU were the one that would forever change me. I put on my white strapless wedding dress and my long white gloves and walked down an aisle with my dad, who gave me to YOU. Today, I would put that dress back on and meet you at the end of the aisle. Without hesitation. I would be there. 
Waiting for YOU. My Groom.
 We together have dug deeper, prayed harder, and loved stronger this past year than any other year. This journey that we are know the one...the one where we support, fail, encourage, laugh and just get each other. No words need to be said. This journey. Our journey. With tears, frustration, laughter, and joy that only we experience. A journey of loving on our boys and figuring out how this parenting and marriage thing works. A journey that makes us both laugh out loud and scares us to death. This journey, I really couldn't do it without you.
I wouldn't want to do it without you. 
You are part of me. You are the glue that holds me together. You are my glass-half-full-everythings-gonna-be-alright guy. You are just what I need. You are my balance in life. You are loyal. You are a man of strong character. You are who you are when people are around and when it's just us. You are a giver to our boys and to everyone around you. You are rich in that you never need more than what you have. You are the calm whisper in my ear. You are the soft touch to my skin. You are the ONE. It's an honor to be your bride. Thank you for loving me and making me a better woman.  
I love you. 

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