Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Makin' Whoopie

Still looking for the perfect game day dessert that doesn’t take much effort but will leave a lasting impression? Look no further than these adorable football whoopie pie's made by Make Merry Events.

There are perfect for your Super Bowl parties. 
You can find this delicious recipe here

Plus here you can download the templates for these adorable flags to add to your football festivities. Which flag will you be cheering on this weekend? We have a split household so both will be represented in our castle. 
 Will you be baking for the big game? If so, what fun recipes do you have to share?
 I would love to try them! So please share! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Happy Monday, Friends!

Yes to TEACHING another zumba class this week.
Yes to being confident. 
I say yes to laughter and enjoying my family.
YES YES YES to turning 32! eeeeek... I can't believe it.
I say yes to God.  Yes to prayer.
Yes to taking my sweet Cole for his 1st official haircut at a salon.
I say yes to hanging out with girlfriends and eating my favorite salad.   
I say yes to jumping in the car and heading off to a much needed trip to IKEA with a dear friend
I say yes to celebrating and showering a sweet friend with gifts for her sweet girl who she will get to pick up soon from CHINA!!! 
I say YES to lovin on the three sweet loves of my life!
I say yes to basketball games. Yes to loud cheering from the stands and praying my two year old can last through it all!  
I say yes yes yes to a heart of gratitude. YES to saying THANKS.
I say yes to believing in myself. Yes to believing what is true. 

Yes to being in the thick of potty training. YES to loving on Cole. Encouraging him. Teaching him. Yes to letting him run around naked {why does he not want to have clothes on now}
Yes to gut laughing with girlfriends, eating cake, encouraging other woman, hiding in the bathroom to take a few deep breaths and enjoying this new week!
I LOVED reading all of your responses to what YOU are saying YES to last week. Please share with me:
What do YOU say yes to this week?!

Monday, January 23, 2012


I am excited to get this week started. Honestly, I am not sure why but I am ready for the week and all it brings. I shared this picture with my Facebook friends and thought I had to share it with all of you. On Friday my Mason came home and one of the best things about Friday is that the boys get to show Chris and I everything they have done throughout the week. The last thing Mason pulled out of his folder was this picture. When Chris asked who everyone was he looked up and said, "The little one is Cole, then Brady, then me and then Fat Mom." I thought I heard him wrong so I said, "Who is this? He proceeded confidently, "Fat Mom." I look over to see my husband holding his breath trying not to laugh. This kid. Sweet Mercy. I couldn't help but laugh. Later on he said, "Mom did you see we are all smiling and holding hands." So, for now I can be fat mom. If my family is holding hands and smiling I can be drawn any way you like. Fat Mom and all.

 This week I am saying yes....
... folding all the clean laundry that is piling up
... being present wherever I am at 
... to not being overwhelmed with my schedule
... yes to teaching two Zumba classes to a bunch of HS girls
... getting coffee with a friend
... watching two of my favorite boys play basketball together
... having a thankful heart
... yes to viewing my conversations as construction sites. Am I demolishing or constructing others with my words?
... yes to enjoying my boys
... yes to turning on the radio really loud and dancing with my boys
... yes yes yes to turning off all electronics 
... yes to getting our new front loader washer and dryer delivered {eek}
... yes to Monday night girls night watching the Bachelor {side note: this season the girls are  seriously crazy}
... yes to choosing JOY all week, in every circumstance, no matter what.
What do YOU say yes to this week?!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!
Yellow is becoming one of my favorite colors. Our first house even had a wall painted mustard yellow. Which was fabulous. I also had a wall painted deep purple and another green. You would think those three colors all in one house would look hideous but can I tell you it was perfection.

One thing I can say is I NEVER thought that I would be wearing yellow tights. 
Thanks to Pinterest,
 I saw, I pinned, I wore.

Tights- Target
Boots- Target
Shirt Dress- Old Navy

You wouldn't believe the compliments I got. 
Every girl needs a pair of yellow tight in her wardrobe, just sayin!
Did I forget to mention American Idol is on tonight and I can't wait! It makes me laugh till my belly hurts. So tell me, do you miss Simon as much as I do? I seriously agree with almost 100% of what he says. I always joke with my mom about how I wish he was my friend because I love how brutally honest he is. It's kinda refreshing. 
Will you be watching tonight?? 

pleated poppy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A lot of Randomness, Just Because.

First of all, I really wanted to say Hi and welcome to all my new readers.  I am thankful and really do appreciate each of you who take time out of your crazy busy life to stop by my blog from time to time. You are appreciated more than you know. 

Because I have a lot on my mind I thought I would share it. Be warned it's a lot of randomness.
1. I have rediscovered my love for pretzels and peppermint patties. Yes, together. I put the pretzel stick in a piece of the patty and it's sheer bliss. You must try it.
2. My older boys are officially so much better at maneuvering around our iPad. How does this happen?
3. I am turning 32 in a few weeks and for some reason my hands are cracked, peeling and from the looks of them I should be turning 82 in three weeks.
4. I bought suspenders two years ago {yes, two} and they are sitting in my closet. I look at them everyday. I REALLY want to wear them. So, whats the verdict? Can I wear them? Yay or Nay?
5. I want to start doing Yoga but the one time I tried I literally fell over twice. Plus, I can't take the lingo seriously. Downward Dog?
6. I reeeeally want to go on Wheel of Fortune. { I warned you it was random}
7. When those gray hairs start showing their ugly face I sometimes use my eyebrow mascara to cover them up. {you should try it. it works like a charm.}
8. I wonder how many zumba classes I would be teaching if I could just get over myself and stop worrying about what other people thought? I wish there was a pill I could take for that.
9. I am helping plan a wedding reception for an adorable bride in March and it makes me want to get married all over again. Oh my: I would do it SO different. Same sexy man. Different style of wedding :)

10. I really need to go to the dentist but I HATE it. Everytime I go I have a cavity. EVERYTIME. So, maybe if I don't go that will mean no more cavities?? 
Ok,Now it's your turn. 2 Randoms... Ready. Set. Go.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

It was once said,

"Sometimes Being A Brother Is
Even Better Than Being A Super Hero" 
~Marc Brown

We would dare to say that,  
"Being A Brother Is
 Being A Super Hero" 
Happy Friday, Friends! xoxo
~Photos taken by: Nikki James Photography

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hi, I'm with Chevron.

It's Bold. It's Graphic. It makes a statement.
After finding an old chevron West Elm rug I purchased a few months back I have been swooning over the goodness of Chevron. I want to incorporate it in my house. Here is the issue I have... I can show you and tell what to do with your house. However, I can't actually do it. Well, I could but you don't want me to. I have a few friends who can just look at a picture and make it come to life in their house. I have to pay someone to do it which is why MANY projects get put on hold in this house. I think this is another reason {as if I need another reason} that I love Pinterest. I can bookmark what I love and then when I make it big I can actually bring those 'pins' to life! 

Whether this pattern is used on one of our walls, in upholstery, or just a fun accessories, I need this in my life. For all of you who aren't sure what I am talking about let me introduce you . I promise you that you will start to see it all over the place.  





Now, do you see why I love it? What have you been crushing on lately?  Do you have Pinterest {of course you do}. I would love to follow your boards. Leave me a comment or send me an email with so I can follow you! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Whether I am headed to church on Sunday, helping out with the boys school or going into the office I always have my shiny white pearls near by. Wrap a strand of those beauties around your neck and they are sure to make any outfit fabulous. This week was no exception.  I am linking up with some other ever so fashionable friends of mine over at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. If you need some fashion advice go check out some of these ladies. They are simply fabulous. 

I will never forget a professor of mine in college told me that when it comes to dressing for success to always were pearls. It "articulated respect". For some reason that has stuck with me for years. What I love most about pearls is that they never go out of style.

Pearls: Forever 21
Dress: Forever 21
Crop Cardigan: H&M
What is your go to accessory?

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Fat Face and Hand Weights

It is unbelievable gorgeous out today. The sun is shining and it feels like Spring in January. Can ever winter be like this, PLEASE! How has your week been? Honestly, it was a little bit harder for me to get back in the swing of things this week.   

 Have you ever said or thought something about another person and then pretty much had to eat your own words? Oh man! I hate when that happens. I have been doing Zumba for awhile now and still love it. In fact, I tend to think it's an addiction but I will take this addiction any day of the week. It keeps me healthy, sane, feeling younger than I am and happy. As I have been going to classes I have seen many women come and go. With each one that leaves a new one shows up. Every once in awhile I would see women come in wearing weights. Many things would go through my mind. Such as, Do you realize what you look like when you wear those? Zumba is not that serious that you need to bring your hand weights to class.  

Then on Wednesday everything changed. I went into work feeling pretty good. I thought I looked, you know, normal. I didn't think I had gained any holiday weight but even if I had I was okay with that. 
As I walk into the double doors at work a co-worker of mine looks at me and says, "Wow, your face looks swollen." Um, OK. Can you please tell me how on earth do you respond to that statement. Thank you? As I walk back to my office I am thinking many things. The first thing I do is go look in the mirror at my fat face. I start feeling my cheeks and my forehead. I mean, I don't know, maybe I do look "swollen" aka like a fat a#$.   

Thankfully, I had zumba that night so it might help some of my 'swolleness' to go away. As I am dancing, I look over to see a few of the *hand weight* girls. I'm not gonna lie they're pretty ripped and great dancers and this thought goes through my mind... maybe I need to become a hand weight girl. So, after class I start talking to 'them' about these hand weights. I confessed to them about how I kinda laughed at people who wore them. They were gracious and continued to tell me how awesome it was. Plus, I found out just how many more calories you burn per class by adding them. Immediately, I thought goodbye fat face! So, of course, I left class went to Target and bought my hand weights. 

This morning was the first time I wore my new purple and black accessory to class. I thought I might die but in a good way. I don't mind hurting and pushing myself as long as I know its worth it. So, if you keep reading this blog {which of course you will} and you start to see pictures of me flexing in every one it's not only because I am getting so buff {thanks to my hand weights} but also so you wont have to look at my fat swollen face!

Happy Friday Friends!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to the first day back to school for my boys. 
As much as I have loved having them home I am so ready {so are they} to be back on a schedule. The one thing that rings true all the time with this castle is that we are a routine family. We all thrive on routine. We eat better, sleep better, and enjoy each other more when we are in one. 

As I walked into the boys room this morning I couldn't help but jump in bed and snuggle with them. What's a few more minutes, right? Mason has pretty much taken over Bradys room. In fact, I can't remember the last time he slept in his own bed. He said he sleeps better when he knows Brady is beside him. I am embracing the joy and love of their brotherhood. 

This week I am saying YES to
yes first week of 2012
yes to new beginnings
yes to a fresh, clean home {goodbye christmas decorations}
yes to taking sometime to look out my window and enjoy the beauty of the snow
yes, yes, yes to new ideas
yes to getting back to blogging about everyday life
yes to dancing and exercise
yes to getting my eating back on track {i have been out.of.control}
yes to not waiting for things to happen but to making them happen
yes yes yes to the BACHELOR {it starts tonight}
yes to potty training {ugh}
yes to playing my hubby in a one-on-one basketball game
yes to slowing down a bit and simply enjoying today
yes, yes, yes, to new inspiration
yes to this New Year {its going to be fabulous}!!
What are you saying YES to?

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