Monday, January 30, 2012

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Happy Monday, Friends!

Yes to TEACHING another zumba class this week.
Yes to being confident. 
I say yes to laughter and enjoying my family.
YES YES YES to turning 32! eeeeek... I can't believe it.
I say yes to God.  Yes to prayer.
Yes to taking my sweet Cole for his 1st official haircut at a salon.
I say yes to hanging out with girlfriends and eating my favorite salad.   
I say yes to jumping in the car and heading off to a much needed trip to IKEA with a dear friend
I say yes to celebrating and showering a sweet friend with gifts for her sweet girl who she will get to pick up soon from CHINA!!! 
I say YES to lovin on the three sweet loves of my life!
I say yes to basketball games. Yes to loud cheering from the stands and praying my two year old can last through it all!  
I say yes yes yes to a heart of gratitude. YES to saying THANKS.
I say yes to believing in myself. Yes to believing what is true. 

Yes to being in the thick of potty training. YES to loving on Cole. Encouraging him. Teaching him. Yes to letting him run around naked {why does he not want to have clothes on now}
Yes to gut laughing with girlfriends, eating cake, encouraging other woman, hiding in the bathroom to take a few deep breaths and enjoying this new week!
I LOVED reading all of your responses to what YOU are saying YES to last week. Please share with me:
What do YOU say yes to this week?!


  1. I HOPE that saying yes to hanging out with girl friends and eating your favorite salad means you are coming to Girl's Night Out?!?

  2. I'm saying yes to:
    Dragging myself to an early Saturday morning Zumba class (totally worth it!); Yes to nightly devotions with my husband, yes to relaxing when I get home sometimes, instead of always worrying about what needs done; yes to dinner dates w/ friends during the week to catch up!

    Happy Monday! :)

  3. Happy Monday! Yeah for zumba and for us sharing a birthday week! :)

  4. I say YES to celebrating you!!!!

  5. YES to February 4th birthdays as you & my son Noah share the same birthday!
    Yes to Cake!
    Yes to Memories, photo booths, prop making, painting, and all that goes into a birthday party for a superhero!
    Yes to being present in THIS moment!
    Yes happy birthday to you!

  6. YES to February birthdays as it is my daughters birthday this week too.
    Yes to making memories and enjoying celebrating my birthday girl and all that goes into it instead of getting stressed!
    Yes, to a girly slumber party with 6 sily, loud and lovely tween girls!
    Yes to choosing to be happy this week!!!!
    Yes to finally starting on my house project list .... one thing at a time!

    And Yes, to a happy birthday to you!

  7. Your a Zumba teaching master now:) It sounds like you have a week of blessings for sure your a lucky girl! I say yes this week to oganizing my house, loving on my kids, being more meaningful in my walk with Christ most specifically my prayer life, yes to dates with my kids, yes to taking more pics, sending more cards, exercising consistently, eating right, an dressing up for my husband man, I think I'm gonna be tired:)

  8. Excellent reminder to face our days and our weeks with a great attitude and an abundance of love. :) Thank you for the smile!


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