Monday, January 23, 2012


I am excited to get this week started. Honestly, I am not sure why but I am ready for the week and all it brings. I shared this picture with my Facebook friends and thought I had to share it with all of you. On Friday my Mason came home and one of the best things about Friday is that the boys get to show Chris and I everything they have done throughout the week. The last thing Mason pulled out of his folder was this picture. When Chris asked who everyone was he looked up and said, "The little one is Cole, then Brady, then me and then Fat Mom." I thought I heard him wrong so I said, "Who is this? He proceeded confidently, "Fat Mom." I look over to see my husband holding his breath trying not to laugh. This kid. Sweet Mercy. I couldn't help but laugh. Later on he said, "Mom did you see we are all smiling and holding hands." So, for now I can be fat mom. If my family is holding hands and smiling I can be drawn any way you like. Fat Mom and all.

 This week I am saying yes....
... folding all the clean laundry that is piling up
... being present wherever I am at 
... to not being overwhelmed with my schedule
... yes to teaching two Zumba classes to a bunch of HS girls
... getting coffee with a friend
... watching two of my favorite boys play basketball together
... having a thankful heart
... yes to viewing my conversations as construction sites. Am I demolishing or constructing others with my words?
... yes to enjoying my boys
... yes to turning on the radio really loud and dancing with my boys
... yes yes yes to turning off all electronics 
... yes to getting our new front loader washer and dryer delivered {eek}
... yes to Monday night girls night watching the Bachelor {side note: this season the girls are  seriously crazy}
... yes to choosing JOY all week, in every circumstance, no matter what.
What do YOU say yes to this week?!


  1. You are not fat! You are a very stylish thin young lady.

  2. Oh my word, I was laughing so hard! Sweet, sweet Mason. It's a good thing he is so darn cute because otherwise he'd have been in the dog house! Love you girl, and love that deep down you know you are a gorgeous creation of the Father. Love you!

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  4. I saw this pic on fb and thought it was so funny, but in such a super cute way. You are by far "fat mom" just means he sees you as such a big part of his life.

    For me . . .

    Yes, to spending some extra time just having fun with my girls.

    Yes, to girls night out with some old friends this week.

    And if you need a coffee friend sometime, I would love it :)

  5. I'm cracking up in Texas! I'm a therapist---and I choose to believe Mason drew you as fat Mommy because he loves you BIG, BIG, BIG! So proud you're teaching 2 zumba classes this week! Way to face that fear!
    I'm saying yes to choosing joy, catching up on stuff I've been procrastinating on, and saying yes to catching up on some overdue self care.

  6. Cute story ;) I once wrote in a 'diary' that my mom had tons of gray hair-- that's when she decided to start dying it. Oops! ;)

    Glad we made the Apex connection- I love reading your blog!

  7. Ha. My youngest told me I have a big rear and a moustache if that makes you feel any better. :) Kids are so funny.

    "yes to viewing my conversations as construction sites. Am I demolishing or constructing others with my words?" Love this. So true. I have been thinking of ways to help me kids learn to build each other up... I'm going to use this example!

    The Bachelor... can Courtney leave already? Please?


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