Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A lot of Randomness, Just Because.

First of all, I really wanted to say Hi and welcome to all my new readers.  I am thankful and really do appreciate each of you who take time out of your crazy busy life to stop by my blog from time to time. You are appreciated more than you know. 

Because I have a lot on my mind I thought I would share it. Be warned it's a lot of randomness.
1. I have rediscovered my love for pretzels and peppermint patties. Yes, together. I put the pretzel stick in a piece of the patty and it's sheer bliss. You must try it.
2. My older boys are officially so much better at maneuvering around our iPad. How does this happen?
3. I am turning 32 in a few weeks and for some reason my hands are cracked, peeling and from the looks of them I should be turning 82 in three weeks.
4. I bought suspenders two years ago {yes, two} and they are sitting in my closet. I look at them everyday. I REALLY want to wear them. So, whats the verdict? Can I wear them? Yay or Nay?
5. I want to start doing Yoga but the one time I tried I literally fell over twice. Plus, I can't take the lingo seriously. Downward Dog?
6. I reeeeally want to go on Wheel of Fortune. { I warned you it was random}
7. When those gray hairs start showing their ugly face I sometimes use my eyebrow mascara to cover them up. {you should try it. it works like a charm.}
8. I wonder how many zumba classes I would be teaching if I could just get over myself and stop worrying about what other people thought? I wish there was a pill I could take for that.
9. I am helping plan a wedding reception for an adorable bride in March and it makes me want to get married all over again. Oh my: I would do it SO different. Same sexy man. Different style of wedding :)

10. I really need to go to the dentist but I HATE it. Everytime I go I have a cavity. EVERYTIME. So, maybe if I don't go that will mean no more cavities?? 
Ok,Now it's your turn. 2 Randoms... Ready. Set. Go.

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  1. Seriously love you~ we would SO be friends in real life! :)
    First let me say that I also HATE the dentist, it gives me anxiety. Seriously people, add another piece of cotton to my already dried up mouth and then ask another question that I can't answer...just sayin'~

    I also die over wheel of fortune, maybe they will do a "blog friend" show and we can go together as a team? Yes? You in?

    One of my adorable friends wears skinny jeans with boots and white shirt, suspenders and a men's tie. Seriously adorbs, though I could NUH~ever pull it off.

    Be blessed beauty!

  2. If you have the strength to do zumba, you can do yoga. And call it Adho Mukha Shvanasana (i probably butchered that). Its a prettier name than downward facing dog :)

    #9 - i would totally do my wedding a different style, too.


    1- I really want extensions but I am afraid of looking like Britney Spears.
    2- Candy Cane Lane green tea. Cant get enough of it right now.

  3. Oh dear friend - I miss you! All I have lately is randomness in my head. You had an amazing wedding, maybe just a few less flowers in our bouquets!

    Okay, so to add 2 randoms....
    1. I got my new Victoria Secret
    bathing suit in the mail today,
    and instead of motivating me to
    work out like it was supposed
    to, I just want to eat cake.

    2. I want a puppy.

  4. Okay so first, let me say no on the suspenders. I mean, if anyone could pull it off, it's you. But I still say no. It's too Punky Brewster.

    Second, I think I am destined to go on Wheel. Maybe we should work on making that happen for us.

    Third, get over yourself. You are awesome at zumba and a great teacher. Just do it.

    Fourth, I want to re-do my wedding too. I was just talking to Amy about that the other day. Maybe I would let you plan mine, too.

    Finally, my randoms:
    1.) I need to start sewing. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, but am too intimidated to actually try and sew anything.

    2.) For three weeks I have been putting off paintng my nails because I can't decide which color to paint them. I just need to make a choice but I'm having trouble committing to one...

  5. You are hilarious and always make me smile! I'd say no to the suspenders, but then again, remember Eleanor Roosevelt's words..."No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." That applies to zumba teaching, too by the way! And, I'm a licensed therapist, so just do it. Great book by Susan Jeffers, "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!"
    The positive messages inside the Dove Dark Chocolate with almonds...which I heart...REALLY DO make me feel happier. No other chocolate will do because they don't give me a positive affirmation!
    Love is a verb is one of my favorite sayings.
    I can't stand to drink my calories, and I know I need more water, but the bubbles in Diet Coke make me happy.
    Blessings to you from Texas

  6. Wait. What? Eyebrow mascara? What is that?

    I say go for the suspenders.

    It is just winter, your hands will be back to 30 in the spring. :) It could be worse...you could be 39 and told you need bifocals (I said no thank you...really I did).

    I can't do Yoga...no advice here.

    I will totally go on Wheel of Fortune with you!!!!


  7. I hear ya on #8 but you are an awesome zumba instructor. Just go for it. Once I get the money, I'm signing up to be certified.

    I always wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune too.

    I'm waiting on the Lord to guide me his will for me.

  8. I'll bed you'd be an awesome zumba instructor!!! You can do it!! :)

  9. try pilates instead of yoga. less need to fold your body like one of those pretzels you stick in a peppermint patty and no dumb names. idol is NOT the same w/o simon, that's why I watched the X Factor. see you sunday :P)


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