Friday, January 13, 2012

It was once said,

"Sometimes Being A Brother Is
Even Better Than Being A Super Hero" 
~Marc Brown

We would dare to say that,  
"Being A Brother Is
 Being A Super Hero" 
Happy Friday, Friends! xoxo
~Photos taken by: Nikki James Photography


  1. Sweet brothers! I bet your house is full of excitement!! Just was talking with a preschool parent yesterday who had three sons and then finally welcomed a girl into the family!! He said she was as loud and wild as the boys!! :) They bring such excitement into a home...

  2. Oh my:: I can't even imagine a little lady in the mix! :)

  3. Inspiring Mama, I just saw this post and smiled:) I was LITERALLY writing these words as a reference! Love, Love, LOVE the pictures! They are priceless! Metioned you in my Saying Yes blog today, too! Hope you're fabulous!


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