Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to the first day back to school for my boys. 
As much as I have loved having them home I am so ready {so are they} to be back on a schedule. The one thing that rings true all the time with this castle is that we are a routine family. We all thrive on routine. We eat better, sleep better, and enjoy each other more when we are in one. 

As I walked into the boys room this morning I couldn't help but jump in bed and snuggle with them. What's a few more minutes, right? Mason has pretty much taken over Bradys room. In fact, I can't remember the last time he slept in his own bed. He said he sleeps better when he knows Brady is beside him. I am embracing the joy and love of their brotherhood. 

This week I am saying YES to
yes first week of 2012
yes to new beginnings
yes to a fresh, clean home {goodbye christmas decorations}
yes to taking sometime to look out my window and enjoy the beauty of the snow
yes, yes, yes to new ideas
yes to getting back to blogging about everyday life
yes to dancing and exercise
yes to getting my eating back on track {i have been out.of.control}
yes to not waiting for things to happen but to making them happen
yes yes yes to the BACHELOR {it starts tonight}
yes to potty training {ugh}
yes to playing my hubby in a one-on-one basketball game
yes to slowing down a bit and simply enjoying today
yes, yes, yes, to new inspiration
yes to this New Year {its going to be fabulous}!!
What are you saying YES to?


  1. My routine starts back up tomorrow. I hope your boys first day back was good.

  2. I say yes to exercise, to daily devotions, and to being thankful.

  3. Good luck with the potty training!

  4. Haha... I'm deciding whether or not to say yes to the Bachelor or not. I always get sucked in and then I wonder why I am watching it. :P

    I'm saying yes to choosing joy no matter what my circumstances. :)


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