Friday, May 13, 2011

Tattoo and YOU.

Happy Friday to ya!
a) I have had a TON of new 'followers' lately and I am seriously so excited. If you are new, WELCOME! You wont be disappointed. 
b) If you keep coming back because of my awesomeness, You make my day brighter. 
Thank YOU!
I am in the process of switching a few things on the ol' blog because I am adding BlogHer ads to my blog. So please extend me some grace as my blog may look a little different as I try to figure this out. I am so excited though! You have NO idea!

d) I want to get a tattoo. Yes. I know but I REALLY want one. I think I have officially lost it. On that note....
Enjoy your weekend!!! 


  1. Oh my goodness Maria! I was just telling Jimmy I wanted a tattoo for my birthday!! Then I said no, then I said yes...I have been going back and forth for a while. You should totally do it. I just haven't come up with one with meaning, and I think you need that.

  2. That is so funny Jess! I keep going back and forth. I don't want it to look trashy but I can't figure out exactly what I want or where I want it! I just know I want one :)

  3. Hi Maria! I have the names of my children tattooed on my inner wrists, there is never a day that I regret that. Tattoos are a personal thing, you will find something or even design it yourself. I have a cross, an anchor and a heart on my ankle symbolising Faith, hope & Love...I'm new to your blog btw :)

  4. I have always wanted to get a tattoo - but I have never done it. For something so permament, I better make sure I like it! Have fun deciding!

  5. Hey Maria - one way to "class up" any tattoo is to have it done in all white ink! it isn't so glaringly obvious and it makes it a little... pretty i guess. i have a whole pinterest board dedicated to my next tattoo which will be in white ink! check it out here!

    (congrats on all the growth lately!)

  6. {Skye} First of all I have to tell you I love the spelling of your name! So, I am actually really liking the white ink. I have never seen it before. I just looked at your pinterest board and I LOVE the tattoo on the side of the foot!!! You may have just figured out where I am getting my tattoo. xoxox

    {Kerry} I am so thrilled you are new to the blog. My sister has a tattoo on her inner wrist and I really like it. I think I want to get BMC {the letters of my boys first name}. It's a little nerve wracking!!

    Jessica- I think almost everyone has thought of getting a tattoo at one point in life! I am like you in the fact I need to be 100% sure of what I want and where I want it!!

  7. Ok, if you get a tattoo, I HAVE to take you!! You will love it and as long as you do something that has meaning to you, you will never regret it. Keep in mind, I have 12 and they are small and un-trashy, and they all have meaning and I love them all!! So excited!!!!!!


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