Monday, May 16, 2011

Road Trip

It was rainy this weekend so we took a family road trip.
In the rain. We packed up our little men and
headed to a different state

One would say we have our hands full.
I would say YES we do. 
Our hands are full
.... of love
.... of joy
.... of cuteness
.... of craziness
... of sugar and spice 

 {can you guess who is the sugar
 and who is the spice}

... I am blessed 
... I want to be a better person because of them
... my cup runneth over

and these times my sweet friends are some of the BEST times of my life.
Happy Monday and be sure to check back tomorrow for a fun 
little challenge I have for you!


  1. Happy Monday! :) Your family is adorable - hope you have a great day!

  2. Love the first picture! Crop it down, make it black and white and FRAME IT!!! Adorable :) Of course I'm a sucker for pictures from behind!

  3. your family is darling...and i love that you have a mason (so do i) cutest name right?!



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