Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Oh my sweet little boy it's time.

I knew this day would come. You are so excited and so ready.  You told me exactly what you wanted me to pack you for your first school lunch. You came inside today to ask me if I should make up some homework for you to do, so that you would know what to do for school. You are a little nervous and asked me, "Mom, what if I don't make friends?" My love, you will be fine, I promise. You will have more friends than you will know what to do with.     

What I didn't know my little boy, is that this time would come so fast. I can remember the day I found out you were growing inside my belly. I can remember going over to Nana's house and hearing all of the yells and tears of pure joy. Know as I sit here I have tears running down my face. You are growing up too fast.  I am so thankful that for the last 5 years I have been able to be at home with you. I have been able to see you grow into a little man and I am beyond amazed at what joy you bring to our home. 

My little boy, I know you will do GREAT and will meet lots of new friends. I know that this is the school you are supposed to be at. I know that your dad and I have prayed and feel more than confident that you will be loved and learn so much while you are away. 

So, my sweet little boy have so much fun, learn alot and know that I will be there to pick you up the second the bell rings.


  1. ok that brought a tear to my eye!! such sweet pictures and words! he looks so handsome and grown-up. i love that you are so confident about the decision you made about where he is going to school... can't believe that trey will be off to school in a year... sob, sob!

  2. So glad I got to see you this morning. I'm sure Brady will do great this year! What sweet pictures. The transition to Kindergarten is a big one and sometimes harder on us moms than on our little ones. :)

  3. I'm about ready to burst! I can't stand this growing up stuff. He looks a whole year older from the last time I saw him, which was only a week ago! I showed Madi the pics and she smilied, leaned in to look closer and said "awe". :)

  4. Awww...how sweet! He looks so happy to be going to school! I hope his first day went well. :)

    Time sure does fly though! I feel like my oldest was just in Kindergarten yesterday and today he started his first day of 5th grade!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog http://raisingmy5sons.com
    You have a great blog! :)

  5. I'm crying - ugh, I can't hardly even handle this. As many emotions as I've had lately, you'd think I was prego...but with the big snip-snip, we know that isn't true...otherwise I'm in huge trouble:-)


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