Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Poop Again

My babies poop don't stank.  Right? 
At some point in your diapering career, it's quite possible that you will encounter poop as it is being pooped or like in my case tonight, poop after it has been pooped and has been spread all over the crib and bodyTry as we might to avoid it, sometimes poop just happens. Not gonna lie, this entire situation could have been avoided had I gone in and checked on sweet Mr. Poopy Pants.  But I have a rule and that is when sweet Mr. Poopy Pants is asleep nobody, and I mean nobody, goes near the nursery.  

I decided to break my own rule tonight (what was I thinking?) and just peek in the room to see my sweet little Mr. Poopy Pants happy and snuggled up dreaming about boobs (for nursing, of course) and bottles.  Much to my surprise, that was not the case.
Not in the least.
Oh little Mr. Poopy Pants was as happy as a fat kid eating cake.  Covered in poop.  Did you hear me?  Covered.  Unfriggin believable. 

Here are the three options going through my overly stressed mind: 
Option 1: flip the frig out   
Option 2: flip the frig out
Option 3: remain calm and composed  

After having three overly successful poopers I started to learn how to not choose Option 1 or 2 and go for the road less traveled, Option #3.

Here are 5 great tips on how to not flip the frig out: 
1. Take a deep breath. Friends PLEASE remember to hold your nose and breathe through your mouth.  If you forget, you will trigger your gag reflex.
Get Mr. Poopy Pants clean and away from the disaster site.  If not,  you will have Squirmed-in Poop in addition to 
the poop fest that has already taken place.
3. Laugh. Laugh and Laugh.  Poop happens. It comes with the job.
4. Counted to 10 and go in for the kill.  Wam Bam thank you maam. Clean it up and get out of the room. Put the nastiness in the trash or in the washer immediately. 
5. Pick up your Mr/Ms Poopy Pants and kiss them and then let them know they are grounded until they can change their own diapers.

So, What option do you think I chose? 

Normally like I said, it would be option 1 or 2 but today it was option #3. When I looked at Mr. Poopy Pants staring up at me from his castle, grinning from ear to ear, smothered in crapola I quickly realized I would take any amount of poop for the smile that only my Mr. Poopy Pants can give.

Do you have any Mr. Poopy Pants tips or funny stories? I would love to hear them!


  1. Hahahaha! You seriously crack me up, Maria! I am rolling right now! I LOVE your stories!
    So funny that you're blogging about the DREADED poo. Last Sunday when I was working (thank you, Lord)... Anna (who was in the midst of potty training), pooped her pants, removed the evidence from her poopy body, placed to so-called "evidence" in her trash can, placed trash over it as to "hide the evidence". And... on the way back to her bed, she decided it would be a fabulous idea to grab a book, sit in her glider with her bare, poop covered bottom and leisurly flip through her book. Then after all that fun, she strolled back to her bed covered up with her blanky and slept for two hours.
    What is so funny is that Ben said there was a horrible stinch emitting from her room. It was so bad he said he thought a small animal had died in her room. Did he go in and check on her??? You guessed it. NO. So after two hours of playing and sleeping in her own feces, Ben finally rescued her. I must've done something right to have been spared from the poop debacle, but I have to say hearing Ben tell the story is priceless. I can only imagine him cleaning up two hour old poop. I also have to add that he pretty much threw away anything that came in contact with Anna's excrement. Clothes, panties, linens, the book and so on. I guess that's a way to deal with it! Just glad he didn't throw away my baby! ha!

  2. Oh Michele, this cracks me up! I love that sweet Anna still read her little book in the midst of the poop! Kids are so funny. I can only imagine what Ben was thinking before he went in her room! I am sure hearing him tell the story is PRICELESS!!

  3. 3 years ago on the way home from Myrtle Beach...4 hours from beach, 9 hours from home...we smelled poop. All the kids were sleeping so we figured we'd wait it out. 30minutes later Stuntman started getting ansy and crying from the BACK of the van. I told hubby that we'd find the next rest stop and I'd change him quietly we wouldn't wake the other two.
    Needless to say, we stop at a rest stop and I peek in on poopy pants only to see poop EVERYWHERE! He was covered from head-to-toe, pacifier, car seat, seat belt, cup holder, EVERYTHING! I took him, his car seat and a small bag of necessities that we dug out of the luggage into the bathroom. I claimed a section of sinks and stripped him down, bathed him, washed hair etc, IN THE SINK. Then sent him out with hubby. I then had to wash, rewash and sanitize his entire car seat, car seat cover, seat belt etc IN THE SINK...and dry it with a hand dryer in the bathroom. Needless to say it was the longest amount of time I've ever spent in a bathroom in my life. It did make for a funny story though!


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