Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beauty Must Have: The Glamorous Eyelash Curler

Whats in your make-up bag right now? Most likely one my favorite beauty must-haves is in the bottom of that cute little bag you keep all your make-up in. Did you know long eyelashes make the eyes appear wider and brighter? Who wouldn't want to appear to have bigger eyes? Especially those days when you are going on 4 hours of sleep.

One of the easiest ways to instantly improve your eyes is by using my friend, the Eyelash Curler. If you are like myself you aren't born with long thick eyelashes and I know there is no way in hades I have time to try and use fake lashes. 

It's not just about having my friend. You need to make sure you use her properly. Here are some sure fire ways to get the most out of your new friend, THE EYELASH CURLER.

How to use best eyelash curler :

Step One:
Make sure you have all your make-up off your eyes. 
Step Two: *MOST IMPORTANT STEP * With your blow dryer on low heat, blow air on the curler for 5-7 seconds. Please make sure and touch the metal. It gets hot pretty fast.
Step Three: Open up your curler, clamp your lashes as close to the roots as possible.  Hold for 20-30 seconds.
Step Four: Apply your mascara
Step Five: Although it's not the best thing for your lashes, every once in a while I repeat step 2 and 3 after I have applied my mascara. Please know that the lashes can stick to the curler and be torn from the roots. Sometimes glamorous times call for glamorous measures!!

One of my very favorite eyelash curler is made by Shu Uemura. 

Here is the link to my fabulous friend:

Go ahead.... Now, go get your GLAM on. 


  1. Maria, love readying your blog. I had never heard about the hair dryer part. Thanks for the tip (I know where have I been!)

  2. Thanks for reading, Kim! Let me know if it works for you. :)


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