Sunday, August 29, 2010

Decorating for a New Season

One of my biggest passions is home decor.  Why?  Everyone has a place they live but not everyone has a home.  I feel like your home is a reflection of who you are.  I desire for others  to have a sense of pride in their home. I want you to be excited to have family and friends over.  For your kids to want to have their house be the place they and their friends go to instead of running somewhere else. 

When asked to go into a home and give suggestions the first thing I always tell people is... LESS IS MORE.  Get rid of  the clutter. Yes, this means that little trinket that is missing an arm but for some reason you have held on to it for way to long or the pair of shoes you haven't warn for five years but for some reason think you will wear them in the next month. 


With the new school year here and Fall right around the corner, I decided this weekend to change up the decor a bit. One of my absolute favorite things in my house is my kitchen calendar.  If you are like us you have a million different things going on and a million different places to be.  This is a great way to keep the family organized and a nice modern accessory you can add to your kitchen.

I am quickly realizing that my son's homework soon becomes our homework and this year he has to learn a memory verse a week.  Kind of a daunting task for a little guy.  In an effort to help him and I both learn I decided to purchase the Peel & Stick Chalkboard . I already have some of their other accessories and can't say enough good things about them.

Here are the some of the reasons I LOVE this purchase:
  • Removable and repositionable.
  • Write on them with chalk, wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • Works on walls, wood, glass, paper and more!
  • Easy to remove, won't harm most surfaces.
  • Very Modern way to accessories a not so modern chalkboard

    I then went to Ikea (favorite hot spot) for purchasing budget friendly accessories for my home.  I purchased a new kitchen and bathroom rug as well as new towels to spruce up my bathroom.  One of my favorite ways to change the look of a room is by adding a rug.  It's an inexpensive way to add color and different elements to a room. If you are decorating on a budget try incorporating some of these budget-friendly accents into your home. They're the perfect way to make over your space without breaking the bank.
    • Comfy Accent Pillows: Pick them up at the end of the season when they go on clearance.
    • Seasonal Candles: A great way to not only have your home look the part but also smell the part. 
    • Sleek Curtains: Powerful decoration that really change the atmosphere of a room.
    What are some ways you are getting your house ready for my favorite season of all, FALL?

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