Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Interrupt...

..... this weekly scheduled Etsy post to tell you a story of how I thought I was going to be swept away in the mother load of all storms. While many around SW Ohio were hearing of upcoming Tornado watches and warnings I was focused on getting my little men fed and getting myself out the door. Where was I going you ask? Zumba {of course}

I never really get to worried about storms. I actually like them because I love watching the meteorologist. Seriously, are they not hilarious? Anyways. As I walk into Zumba I realize there aren't as many ladies there as usually. I was excited about this because that meant more room for me to shake my booty and you know I love to shake the booty. I really didn't think much of it until.....

We were told to go out into the hallway. Of course, I grab my phone and text the Coach W to see what is going on at home and just pray that my boys aren't having the big one. He lets me know all is well. They are safe in the basement and are just fine. Then he says, "It's headed your way. Whatever you do don't leave." For those who know my husband the first thing you soon realize is he is a NO DRAMA kind of guy. So, that is when I started to get a little concerned.

After waiting in the hallway and watching women around me do squats and some arm exercises I started to laugh. I don't know if I was laughing because I was nervous or because these crazy women were doing squats in the middle of what could be a tornado. As we all waited in the hallway a man comes running in and has us move to another part of the building. As we are walking it starts to hail and storm like I have never heard or seen. The lights went out. I screamed only to have my cousin right there to grab onto and continue to walk in the dark. Thankfully, the lights came back on and we stayed hidden in a back corner of the church.

The second we could leave I ran out. I just wanted to get home to my boys. I couldn't believe the damage all around me. My beloved swagger wagon has huge dents all over it and my light is busted out. As I am driving and seeing all of the street lights out and debris everywhere I can't help but think of the dear people of Joplin. I can't imagine what they are going through.

I pull in the driveway and run in my house only to find my three sweet babies sound asleep in their beds. My two older boys are snuggled together. My sweet Mason is so snuggled up to his brother he is practically laying on him. I am relieved. I am thankful.

As Coach went to go help his parents clean up the damage to their house and cars I was able to take a minute to simply thank Jesus for protecting my boys and to lift up the sweet people of Joplin.


  1. Aw...your poor swagger wagon but so glad that you were safe! I actually heard today that they confirmed that a tornado had indeed touched down right across the street from the church you have zumba in!!! Scary!!

  2. Beth~ I know! Can you believe it? Who knew I could add "Tornado Survivor" to my repertoire of names ;) Oh the things I do for Zumba!


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