Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten Ways to Brighten Up Your Castle.

The flowers are blooming, the temperatures are rising, and Spring if finally here. This is a time of year that I just love. The smell of fresh grass and flowers just make me happy. As you open your home to the warm months of spring, it’s time to clean out old man winter and give your castle a breath of fresh air. It's time to brighten up your castle. 

1. Treat your windows to something new.  What I have done at our castle is bought Sheer Panels. It allows for more like to shine in the house and if you are like me I NEED light! They are super cheap and you can get them in many different colors. 

2. Rug it up.  Lighter colored rugs will brighten your room. Rugs provide a great focal point in any open room. If anyone ever asks me what is the ONE thing they should do to change the look or feel of the room I ALWAYS say go with a RUG! 

3. Paint it. There are many different things you can do with this. For example, paint your trim or a single wall a new color. You can also paint a few simple squares on the wall and add picture frames to the squares and you have a entire new look!

4. Mirror It. If you would walk into my castle at this very moment you would see many different types and styles of mirrors. {no, it's not because we like to look at ourselves} When you add a mirror to a room or hallway you add depth which makes the room appear to be much bigger than it is. 

5. Trim it Up. Look around your house {kitchen, family room} in many of these rooms you can add trim and decorative moldings. Crown molding will give a classic feel to any room.

6. New linens. Not many of us can rearrange our bedroom furniture, but what you can do to freshen up your bedroom is simple update your linens. 

7. Light it upI love a good lamp. I have found some of the most affordable and extraordinary floor lamps at Ikea. You can even use the lamps you have and simple update the lamp shade on them. Very easy. Very affordable.

8. Pillows. Every room can be instantly made bright and cozy by adding one or two decorative pillows. You can use different textures, shapes and colors to add that special something to your room. 

9. Rearrange the furniture. What I LOVE about this is that it is FREE. You don't have to buy anything you simple move what you have around. Change it up a bit. It’s not only refreshing but it will give your room a whole new look! You just might be amazed at the fresh appearance of your room. Try it.

10. Flowers. I LOVE fresh flowers. They just make you feel alive. You can spruce up any room by added some fresh flowers. The great thing about flowers is that they help to balance your room and space. It doesn't have to be a huge amount. You can simply get a few small vases and add one flower to each.
So, tell me what did I miss? What are some fun, easy ways you brighten up your castle this time of year?

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  1. I love these ideas, and I would love to see pictures of how you incorporate the concepts. I'm in the process of house hunting and will need to pick your brain for cheap ways to make my new place look fabulous!

  2. Love the list! We have been redecorating our place over the past week and have used a lot of these tips!!

  3. Great ideas. I wish I could but I'm waiting to move and uninspired. Will keep the list in mind for my next house though. Thanks; I stopped by from Oh Amanda

  4. New pictures/art or just new frames for whatever is already hanging on your wall makes for a (possibly) inexpensive update for any room. Love your ideas!

  5. Meghan~ I LOVE decorating! So I will help you with whatever you need!

    Olusola~ Thanks for stopping by :)

    Nicole~ Sounds like you have been busy with decorating! Isn't it great once it's finished?!

    Charmingly Ordinary~ I LOVE your new pictures/art idea!!

  6. I pretty regularly pick up fake flowers when there is a sale. Even just a single one sometimes. They are so nice to have on hand to switch out every once in a while in your favorite vase -- especially from season to season.


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