Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Be Still My Heart

My Sweet Baby Cole
You are changing daily and to see you growing up so quickly
is exciting and a bit overwhelming to me.
You my love are Crazy

You keep me on my toes all day everyday.
You started doing this face that melts my heart.
You scrunch up you eyes and smile with the biggest 
grin EVER. You do this because it never fails.
I laugh every time. Oh my sweet baby 
you make my heart smile.

You like to do big boy things now. In fact, I think you 
pretty much have convinced yourself that you are as old 
as your brothers. If they can do it, you can do it {or so you think}.
And like all big boys do, you have a mind of your own. You favorite
thing is to play football with your brothers.

You have become obsessed with dogs and birds. You exude JOY every time
you see them. You will stop everything and just watch. I wish I knew what
was going on in that little mind. It's something special because your grin says it all.
Sweet baby you will stand by that window and wait and watch for a
little bird to come over. It is simply priceless.

You still drink a bottle {a lot}. 
I know you are not supposed to and I even maybe told a fib to your 
pediatrician and said you really don't drink a bottle anymore.
That's okay, right buddy? You love it.
 You snuggle up on me and lean your sweet little head back 
and drink your bottle. I know these times are short and few so I am soaking up
every snuggle time I squeeze in with you.


 You LOVE brushing your teeth. 
You always want to do it by yourself
while your brothers are brushing theirs. You look so proud of yourself.
My sweet boy I am so proud of you. You are growing out of your 
baby stage and moving full force into a

 Sometimes when I am home with you, 
I just sit back and I watch you.
 I try to get into that little head of yours and 
see the world through your eyes. 
And in these moments,
 I realize there is so much I can learn
 from you my sweet boy.

You see this world through pure eyes. 
You see me, your very imperfect mom, as perfect.
You still only want me. You follow me everywhere. You cry every time I leave.
You warm my heart and make me feel so needed and loved.
You teach me to love with all that I am. You teach me to
take chances and not worry about falling. If I fall then I get back up. Just like you do. 
Thank you my growing little boy for showing me more of the beauty of Jesus by simply 
being you. I am so thankful to be your mommy.


  1. Yeesh, Maria, I am going to have to start keeping a box of tissues by the computer for when I read your posts!! This was beautiful. Glad you are enjoying that precious gift from God! Love you girl, and love your talent.

    Becky C.

  2. He is a cutie pie! He and Max are so close in age, I am reminded of him when I read your words. So sweet!

  3. What a beautiful post...I love how you wrote ''you see the world through pure eyes''...simply precious and so very true. x

  4. Such a gorgeous post.
    I can understand your love, he's completely adorable.
    Little boys are just the best aren't they? Xx

  5. Priceless. What a wonderful gift for your sweet son. To one day read these words, he will surely feel loved.


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