Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am... Organically Yours

I have been trying to clean up our eating around this castle. We tend to be carb and sugar kind of group here. If you like processed foods, you would LOVE us here at our castle. However, I have made an executive decision to *try* and add some healthy, organic foods that the men in this house wont spit out on their plates {including Coach W}. So far, the prize of best organic eater goes to the one who doesn't talk or at least what he says sounds more like gibberish. He and I have fallen in love with HappyBaby. 

If you're in baby food mode, like I am, than you probably know that there are a lot of great options out there...I must say Cole LOVES this food. I LOVE this food.
HappyBaby is a line of premium organic baby meals founded by 2 women who wanted to bring fresh, organic, homemade baby food to people who don't have the time to do it all themselves. A.K.A. Me {thanks ladies} 
They have: No pesticides, No chemical fertilizers, No genetic modification and No slaving in the kitchen!  

I heart this happy pouch of organic goodness. Here is why...

~Easy transport. The squeeze tubes are a genius ides. I can put them in my purse. I don't need a bowl or spoon. 
~ Ready to eat. No heating it up. Just open and squeeze. 
~There is no mess involved. {This is huge in my book. I am somewhat OCD and the no mess minus some drool is fabulous}
~ Most importantly, they are yummy! 

If you are looking for an organic line of baby food that is DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS, here you go! Oh the reasons I heart you HappyBaby. Now, if only they had these for adults....
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