Tuesday, July 20, 2010

King of Our Castle

You have been introduced to the three loves of my life so I thought I should at least let you meet the king of our castle. If you are fortunate enough to know him you will quickly find out within minutes that he has a deep passion for coaching and for his boys. He comes across as quiet and although most would say I am the one with all the personality (i kid...i kid) he is one of the funniest I know. One of the many things I admire about this man is the quiet strength that he brings to our castle. There are very few men that you meet who you know that there character is 100% in tact, our king is one of few.

He is CRAZY OBSESSED with coaching basketball. Oh yeah, Did I say OBSESSED?? Okay, just making sure. He is the happiest when his two feet are planted on a basketball court. Is it the teaching that he likes so much or is it the kids that he deals with on a daily basis. I am going to say it's a mixture of both. I am the queen of his castle so it kinda gives me the right to assume the answer to this question right? He is the man who wont have the spot light often (thankfully, unlike myself he doesn't need it) but the man who is spending hours upon hours doing what he loves and that is trying to make the people around him better.

The king of our castle is truly one of the best fathers I know. He will spend hours on end playing basketball, football, golf, wrestling and anything else that involves running, jumping or going crazy with our boys. He teaches the boys about many things from how to make a bird house (there will be a entire post devoted to that....stay tuned) to choosing right from wrong, to how to shoot the basketball exactly right. He has changed just as many diapers as I have throughout our five plus years of having boys in diapers. There should be an award for that or something. The one thing that he does best is show our boys how much he loves the true KING of KINGS.

So, from this queen to my oh so amazing king....I wouldn't want to do this life with anyone else. Thanks for making our crazy castle our home.

To all of you queens out their....I challenge you to do better than what I have done and take two minutes out of your crazy day of running around, breaking up fights, potty training, loving on the kids and simply say thanks to the king of your castle.


  1. What a great post, Maria. And love the blog. Can't wait to follow along and read up on your family adventures.

  2. so glad to keep up with you guys this way! i have a feeling you're going to have a hilarious blog :) going to add you to my ridiculously time consuming list of blogs!

  3. Thank you Jenny and Amber! I have been wanting to do this forever as you both know. So, finally I am and I love it. Thanks for reading it.


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