Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beauty 911

Who doesn't love a good find? I know I do especially if it's going to make me look tanner/ thinner/ younger (you see where this is going). So, in my quest to find the next "big" kept secret, I have come across some beauty MUST haves. Unless of course, you have perfect skin, long eyelashes and have time to get manicures every week. If that is you, I DON'T LIKE YOU. Okay, much better now like I was saying, here are some great finds that are fairly inexpensive. Which makes them all the better.

First, I must give props to my mom who was the one who got me hooked on some of the must haves. To know her is to love her. If you don't, you are truly missing out and you will soon meet her. She is adorable and one of the most stylish fiftyish something mamma's around. I don't have to say that either because she wont be reading this (she struggles with the whole computer thing). Love ya mom!

Now, back to the beautiness.....Let me explain these beauty must haves:

Sally Hansen Color Quick: Fast Dry Nail Color Pen
  • Okay, so this only applies to all of you moms that don't like to or don't have the time to get manicures and need something that can take you TWO minutes (Ahem) Did you hear me? TWO minutes to dry and your nails are done. It lasts about 3 days but for a girl like myself this is fantastic. No joke. I bring it in the car and can have my nails painted at a stop light. Yes people, I am that good. Sold at your local Walgreens and CVS. So, for all you crazy couponers, do what you do and use your bucks/cards (whatever those things are called that you use that I can't figure out) and you can be out the door in under $9.00.
Estee Lauder: Lash Primer Plus
  • This is for women like myself who have to use a magnifying glass to see their luxurious lashes.  It's a conditioning base that makes your lashes longer and stronger. You put this on before your mascara. Wait about one minute then put your mascara on and voila..... Pure Hotness!!! This will go for about $17.50. 
Tan Towel: Look Good Naked
  • No, I didn't just add the Look Good Naked but come on lets be real who doesn't want to look good naked? Even if your body is beginning to sag in all the wrong areas at least it will be tan and that has to count for something right? You can use these towelettes on your face and body. It gives you no streaking at all. I LOVE these things. Seriously, if I run out and see you with them, you better run because I am coming. I use these all the time. It gives you a great glow without the orange look. Plus, it saves your body from the (scared face) evil tanning bed. These are going to run you about $2.00 a piece.

Alright, that's all I have to report on for now. So, tell us what are some of your secret beauty must haves?

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