Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards: Watch Shutterfly and I Do Work...

Have I told you before about my deep love for all things Shutterfly? Remember when I was going crazy about the boys birthday shindigs. Well, Shutterfly so graciously helped calm me by providing fabulous photo card invitations. Once again, they are here to save my behind. Do you realize Christmas is only 11 sleeps away? {sigh}

As you all know I am not a Christmas card kind of gal. Why? I have no clue but after our photo shoot with the lovely and talented Nikki James Photography. I couldn't help myself. The pictures were to die for and I knew Shutterfly would make our Christmas cards fabulous. So, I will be heading to Shutterfly for our first EVER family Christmas card. Let me just tell you I am so excited to order them. Check out just a small sampling of holiday cards they have available:

Seriously, how stinkin adorable are these? Please head on over and take a look at all of these fabulous, drool worthy  Christmas photo cards. Just a warning: Our 1st EVER Christmas card may show up at your door 3 days after Christmas but for us, that's okay. We like to have the spot light all to ourselves. i also totally forgot to order the cards on time
So, am I the only procrastinator of the bunch? Are your Christmas cards out yet? 
Disclosure: Shutterfly is giving me free cards in exchange for this post. I truly loved the cards well before the free loot. If you’re a blogger, you can get free cards too!

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