Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday 2010: Fabulous Modern Gifts Under $25

Not everything has to cost an arm and a leg to be modern, stylish and uber cool. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas Gift that won’t break the bank, I have found the best gifts under $25. Whether you need to buy for your man, the kids, a friend, coworker, or a gift exchange, one of these items is sure to suit your needs.

Lets begin, shall we?










1. Stainless Steel Straws { Brook Farm $18} 
These are so sheek, eco-friendly and seriously so modern. How fabulous would you look sipping your diet coke lemonade through these. A great stocking stuffer for the entertainer in your life!
2. Polka-Dot Coasters {Kate Spade $20} 
How fabulous are these? Playful, fun and stylish and so New York. To top it off the box they come in are just as adorable as the coasters. Love. 
3. Animal Flashcards {A Modern Eden $10}
I LOVE these. I have them and used them in my nursery as a border. They are multi-functional and just adorable. Fabulous design and uber cool for your nursery. What kid wouldn't want to learn when it's this fun to look at?  
4. Ikat Mini Bowl {Anthropologie $5.95}
Add a little candy in one of these bowls and wrap it up! A fun, simple, stylish gift for anyone!
 5. Tyrol Horn Cup {Jayson Home and Garden $21}
Seriously, what guy wouldn't feel a little more manly drinking out of this. I loved it. Modern, great design and organic. What could be better?
Eco-friendly, Modern, Stylish... need I say more? What a way to stand out. So many have the I-Phones but have you seen a cover like this before? Love it!
7. Cup Cake Bath Fizzies {Etsy $5.00}
These are to die for. How adorable? They come in all different colors and smells. What a great way to add a little flair to your stocking stuffer!
For all of you music lovers. This is a sleek, fabulous wall decal. This will add a splash of color to any room you put it in.
9. Eco Play Dough {Giggle $20}
What child doesn't like play dough? These are colorful and just look fun. Best of all, they're made from all-natural ingredients for good, healthy fun.
10. Double Timer  {Uncommon goods $18}
For all of you cooks out there... here is a Retro design that allows you to boil pasta for 30 minutes and simmer the sauce for 20 minutes at the same time. Fabulous.

So, get to shopping. Only 18 more days till Christmas. Which one do you like? Also, if you haven't already please make sure and sign up for my Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

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  1. I kept looking at the first one and thinking, "what in the world are those things?" So glad I kept scrolling down lol.

    LOVE that timer! Linking up to your list today for my own top 10 list :)

  2. I am so glad you scrolled down! So funny. When I first saw the straws I LOVED them! They are even better in person.

    Thanks for linking up. I really appreciate it!

  3. I love the iPhone case and the vinyl wall art!

  4. I'm so glad I popped over from oh Amanda. I love your blog--your family is beautiful, your writing is lovely.
    And I love heart your taste in the design of these 10 items. so cool!

  5. Ashley isn't the iphone case GREAT! I was so excited when I found it!

    Melanie- You made my day!! Thank you.

  6. I love the flashcards- they even have an iphone ap for those, very cute, should check it out.


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