Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slightly on the obsessive compulsive side...

Do you remember when you used to fill out job applications?  You know the part where you have to list all of your hobbies or personal interests? I knew they wanted me to list off admirable things like running or volunteering at a retirement home.  I would think, how awesome weird are they going to think I am that I spend my free time cleaning? Seriously, who does this?  Is cleaning even considered a personal interest?  *Ahem* 
There are few activities in life that can match the rush that transforming a dirty, finger printed window into an HD view brings me.  And if you give me a messy room and an uninterrupted 30 minutes, I’ll show you a new way of living.  I am the type of person that if I had a cleaning lady I would actually clean before the cleaning lady showed up.  I tend to be, ummm, slightly on the obsessive compulsive side.  I clean when I am happy, mad, nervous... you get the point.  Which leads me to one of my most fabulous cleaning products.  Oh, in case you are wondering, all of you businesses out there, I am totally game for writing about your products.  I am sure all six of my followers will LOVE them!  I'll be waiting, okay, great!

Alright, here she is!  Not only is this glass cleaner ammonia-free, non-toxic and odorless it is also AU NATURALE!  This fabulous cleaner is the bomb.  "It's da bomb you know you hear me comin"... (Forgive me as I just reverted back to my middle school days when Kris Kross was da bomb! )  I used to be terrible at cleaning windows as I would leave them so streaked.  They would actually look WORSE after I cleaned them but with this amazing product, birds will fly into your windows.  No lie, two birds flew into the back door earlier this summer like five minutes after I cleaned it.  Only a neurotic clean freak would be excited about that.
 I know you want to know where you can get this, like I said it is all Au Naturale which means it can be purchased at your local Health Food Store!  Here's a quick tip... If you have a window/door that is super dirty (like haven't cleaned in months dirty) first use Joy dishwasher detergent on it, then use the BioKleen!  You will LOVE me afterwards, PROMISE!

Happy Cleaning!

Friday, July 30, 2010

To know....

To know Mason is to know my blonde hair, blue eyed love.
To know Mason is to know that every morning he always asks for me to make his hair "cuurly."
To know Mason is to know that when he gets frustrated he puts his hand on his hips.
To know Mason is to know that laughter.
To know Mason is to know he picks his nails when he gets nervous.

To know Mason is to know he has a sweetness and shyness about him that is adorable.
To know Mason is to know he has the most random nicknames... Mader May, Mader the Terminator 
To know Mason is to know that he loves himself some hot tubbin time or "hot day" as he calls it.
To know Mason is to know that he will eat ANYTHING that is put in front of him.

To know Mason is to know that his favorite thing is to be his undies, music playing and dancing around our house.
To know Mason is to know that the only person he wants to be like is his older brother, Brady.
To know Mason is to know joy.
To know Mason is to know that he could be the loudest child on the planet. 
To know Mason is to know that when he gets hot his blonde hair curls up into the cutest curls I have ever seen.

To know Mason is to know determination.  He will sit for over an hour just to make sure he completes his 100 piece puzzles.
To know Mason is to know a smile that lights up a room.

To know Mason is to know he has the perfect form on his jump shot. 
To know Mason is to know that he loves to play his dad and brother in any sport at any time.

To know Mason is to know that after we put him to bed he sneaks in his brothers room to fall asleep.

To know Mason is to know he always looks in the mirror to make sure he doesn't have a "paci mouth smile."

To know Mason is to his love for all things candy!

To know Mason is to know that we are the same person only different genders.
To know Mason is to know every night at bed he will ask me to rock him, "but just for 1 minute mom."
To know Mason is to know his love for running in the yard, jumping on his bed, hiding in the pantry but most of all, to know my Mason is to know LOVE!

What will your legacy be?

The events of the last couple of months and most recently the news of a good friend who lost her mom last night, reminds me that when we leave this life, we will be remembered by those who knew us for whatever good or not-so-good stands out.   There are some who have a single defining moment in their life that they are remembered by, and that’s it.   There are others who leave a life long legacy by who they believed in, how they treated others and how they loved.
Since my dad passed away in November, it has changed me. I don't know how you can't be changed when you lose a parent.  Even when you know they are with Jesus it still (at least for me) leaves a feeling of heaviness.  One of my girlfriends told me a story about how she heard a random song in her pilate's class and it made her think of her mom (who recently went to be with Jesus). She talked about how she was trying not to let anyone see the tears as she was stretching.  I thought this was such a great story because it is so true.  There are many things you can prepare for but I don't feel like you can be prepared to deal with losing someone. 

Which leads me to what has been so heavy on my heart.... What legacy will I leave behind to my boys? What will they remember about me?  Did I point to Jesus enough to leave a mark on the people that are around me? Will others truly know who I was, what I stood for and who I believed in? 

I know death isn't a topic anyone likes to discuss but it's part of life and the reality is, we aren't promised another minute on this earth.  So, I guess my question to you is.....
What do you want your legacy to be?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Love...

Look at you my little love.  I can't help but LOVE every single 
roll on your sweet little body. Oh my, do you see the drool? 
These pictures capture just how funny you are.  You have
figured out you can make your own faces and you had me
crying I was laughing so hard at you.   

My sweet little boy, You are just a few days shy of 8 months. Here are some of the loves in
your sweet little life right now....

--- you LOVE to put your little face on the vents just so you can gasp from all the cold air---
--- you LOVE to sit and watch your brother play the Wii ---
--- you LOVE to smile ---
--- you LOVE  your two brothers around you. They make you laugh like noone else--- 
--- you LOVE to laugh --- 

--- you LOVE to eat ---
--- you LOVE cheerios ---
--- you LOVE to make silly faces ---
--- you LOVE your momma ---
 You, my sweet baby are the clingiest of all. You can spot me from across the room and the look on your face is priceless. You are NEVER more than a foot away from me.

--- you LOVE to army crawl that little body of yours right over to me---
--- you LOVE me holding you --- 
--- you LOVE the water ---
--- you LOVE soccer balls, actually you LOVE all things that are shaped like a ball---
--- you LOVE for me to put my hand of your little cheek while I rock you to sleep---
--- you LOVE to watch me dance ---
 I am guessing because I look so funny doing it but you belly laugh everytime.  

-- you LOVE to crawl to the kitchen and look at yourself in the mirror --
-- you LOVE when I come in your room to get you up from your naps --
-- you LOVE to be naked and show off that cute dimpled booty --
-- you LOVE your paci --
-- you LOVE to make noises --
-- you LOVE to be by the fireplace and put your little hands on the tile -- 
-- you LOVE to just be with the family; you are so easy going, sweet, lovable, squeezable and most of all happy--

While you were growing in my belly I can remember thinking.... Who will you look?  Will you have a dimple like your brothers?  Will you be laid back?  Will you be a snuggler?  Will you have blonde hair or brown hair?  You are far more than I could of ever dreamed.  You are still so small and have no idea what this crazy world is like.  Thankfully, I can protect you for right now. So, that I will do. I will love you and squeeze you for as long as I possibly can. 

There will be a T.J. Maxx in Heaven, Right?

Alright all you hot mommas with crazy little men at home, you will understand what I am about to say.  To all of you with little ladies this will be a foreign language to you.  However, this may be an enlightening time for you.  

Let me go ahead and give you a taste of our world. The world of little pee pee's. 

I open the doors and what am I bombarded with.  A sweet little skirt, adorable knee highs, sparkle silver shoes, headbands, Tutu's... need I go on? 

I walk over to the little boys section...

Umm, excuse me, Is this ALL of the boy clothes you have? 

Seriously, you have half of the store covered in all things frilly and this is it?

I can walk into any store (even Walmarta) and buy a cart full of little girls clothes within five minutes.  Not sure if you remember this --- just one problem here friends --- I have THREE boys and although Mason has been called a girl on multiply occasions, this is not going to help me.  Side Note: Can someone please tell me WHY everyone over the age of 50 will see Mason and IMMEDIATELY with NO hesitation comment on how cute my little girl is.  Seriously, do you not see the poor kid has an Adidas cutoff shirt and basketball shorts on.  For the love, it drives me NUTS! Okay, what was I saying again? So, once again why in the crap is there only one little corner of the store designated for little boys?  I guess I can just always go with the spider man undies and gym shoes outfit.  This would be a dream come true for them! 

Deep in the trenches of mommyhood, I have been searching for five years now looking for a place that I can walk into and find cute clothes at a relatively cheap price and walkout in 10 minutes.

There is one place that never lets me down, it never makes me pay full price, it ALWAYS makes me happy and most importantly my sweet boys look like straight up STUDS.  If I am really being honest they are to young to really care what they are wearing so alot of  this searching is more for me-myself-I! I know your thinking, shut-it woman and just tell me where I can get the goods.

Well,  it's the one and only T.J. Maxx.

They have designer brands at amazingly low prices (up to 60% off).  I am not gonna lie it may take you a time or two to go in and find your groove but it wont disappoint. For example, I needed to get my whole crew some little man swag before we leave on vacation in 3 weeks. So, I go in and 10 minutes later, Voila... 3 Polo's (not the $5 Old Navy ones, the actual Polo Brand), 2 Pumas shirts, a happy momma and out the door for $22.00. 

So, there is hope in the midst of all the girlicious clothes out there. If you are like me you just hope you can bribe make your boys stay civil and relaxed (yeah, right) for the 10 minutes it will take to grab the clothes and get the heck out of dodge!

Go ahead, you can do it, they will be fine... Pack up your boys and go! While your there peek at the home section. You will love it and if you don't that's okay too. Just leaves more for your truly!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Wheels

The excitement of picking it out. Which color you will choose? Bringing it home just to jump on and fall off. Not caring that you scraped your elbow or skinned your knee. Wind blowing, sun shining, your only worry is what popsicle color you are going to pick out after you ride your new set of wheels. 

You remember getting your fist bike,right? Well, good because I don't. What I can say is I hope I was half as happy as this sweet boy. Doesn't he look so old?(sigh)

Fearless, ready to take on whatever you throw at him, determined to be the best at everything he does, my boy is 100% pure joy.

Brady, this is your first big boy bike. You picked it out yourself. Of course, it had to have orange on it. You got all the goodies; helmet, knee pad the whole nine yards. You are doing such a GREAT job and are so determined to do every turn by yourself. All you want to do is ride, ride and ride. You try to ride as fast as your growing legs will let you. You love your helmet. You want to wear it to bed, to eat and when you play in the basement with your dad, because you said it makes you "play harder". You crack me up! You are so proud of your new wheels. 

I am beyond proud of the sweet boy that you are and the little independent man that you are becoming. I know that one day, all too soon, I will have to let you go but for now you are my sweet angel. I do ask one thing and only one thing. Can you please stay little?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are 'mom jeans' next?

Rewind 2 1/2 weeks ago:

I will NEVER drive a mini-van.  I mean do you see these women in skirts to their ankles, hair to the ground driving these mom mobiles around?  Me--exaggerate...Never!  I don't care if I have to squeeze all of my kids in my small SUV.  I will do it.  Even if I do break out in a sweat everytime I try to pack them in like sardines. 

Then came time to turn in our beloved Silver Bullet (tears).  As I am getting into Silver Bullet I am already in a mood.  Arms folded, somewhat like a 5 year old.  I tell my husband, "I'm not even going to look at one of the mini vans so please don't ask to see one".  He replies with a very calm and cool, "Well, ok, but I think you will like it if you would just give it a try." At this point in time I don't have to say a word.  I just give "the look".  C'mon, don't act like you don't have a certain "look".  You know the one that you can give your kids or husband in any place at any given time and they immediately know... momma isn't a happy camper.  Well, that was the look. 

As we walk up to the luxurious SUV's and look inside it's like the clouds open up and angels begin to sing.  I am smiling and giddy inside.  Then I open the door and soon reality slaps me in my freckled face.     Maria you have three boys.  Two of whom are obsessed with sports and all the equipment that goes with it.  Plus, you have a sweet little baby who is still in his infant seat and I have to bring a stroller, diaper bag, and the list goes on. 

Deep Breath in, Slow Breath Out.  Deep Breath in, Slow Breath Out. 

Okay, fine, I will just look at the van but I am not getting in it.  Great, now I get "the look" back. This is the look of I told you so.  Did I mention, I HATE that look unless it is coming from me?

I think this could be an ambush.

First mistake, I take the stinkin keys.  Hit a button and miraculously the side door opens automatically.  Hmm... that's nice (I don't say that of course). As I look in I then see a small piece of heaven DVD player with wireless headphones.  Instantly, I think no more fighting little boys.  No one saying, "he's touching me" or "are we there yet." 

This isn't good.  My guard is down.  I know that my time of driving around with my Steve Madden Stilettos were soon going to be exchanged for some mom jeans and socks with sandals.  (sigh)

Second mistake, somehow I get suckered into driving the darn thing.  One thing real quick... I am the WORST driver EVER.  I blame it on my mom, it's hereditary right?  As I am driving the little man in the backseat just keeps going over and over all the safety features, blah, blah, blah.  I know how convenient and practical it is.  Please stop talking and let me come to grips with what I know is inevitable, thank you.

Fast Forward Present Day: 

As much as I hate to report this. I am a proud owner of my very own Swagger Wagon.  Here is the crazy thing about this.  I am falling in love with this sweet ride.  No, I have not been drinking.  I really am. Who would of ever thought?  I am not sure what part I am in love with, the fact that my boys think it's Christmas when we say we are going somewhere or the fact that if I go shopping, I have a lot more room to put all my goodies.  Either way... I love it. 

I do have two small warnings that I feel need to go on the record.  First warning, these so called "Swagger Wagons" age you like 20 years. Since purchasing my sweet new ride I feel like I need to drive in the slow lane.  Why? I have no clue.  Maybe because I am afraid to cut people off now because who does that in a mini-van?  (Well, I actually did today on my way to Zumba. They totally understood. I am in a mini-van for gosh sake.  They can't get mad, right?) Second warning, you will need to buy stock in Kleenex tissues.  I feel like I can cry at the drop of a hat and if you know me you know that I am in no way shape or form one who shows any a lot of emotion.  I cry on a rare occasion or while watching the Biggest Loser.  Other than that not a chance.

I will say this... If you happen to see a hot momma riding around in her "swagger wagon" know this, she is still rockin her stilettos and getting her mom swag on.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Silly bandz, Check.

Proper silly face attire, Check.

One alligator hat, Check.

3 silly and oh so sweet boys ready to go on our weekly Friday morning "date" to the grocery, Check, Check, Check.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are you speaking the language?

Look at these sweet little men of mine. How can a girl not smile?

The one thing that I am learning in my young, young age is that everyone has a love language. I already know.... there is a book out....I have read it, like Seven years ago. Clearly, it didn't sink in too well because I am just now realizing what that means and the importance of it.  Lately, I have been making a conscious effort to try and figure out what the love languages are of the others around me.  It's Crazy, seriously, you should try it.  If you speak in their love language (the way they feel loved) it is amazing the response.

Which brings me back to these three adorable little men I keep speaking about. Being a mom of all boys, and not growing up with any brothers, I have been somewhat of a fish out of water.  I thought I would be going shopping, playing dress up and getting my nails done, not playing in the dirt, wrestling, tickling, racing, sword fighting or shooting 100 jumps shots in a row (seriously) just for them to want to do it all over again.  Side note: I mean someone please help a sister out and tell me HOW do they have SO MUCH energy? (deep breath)  This, my friends, is my life and guess what?  It's crazy and tiring but I LOVE LOVE LOVE  it.  I couldn't imagine not having boys, which brings me back to trying to make sure that I speak their language and not my own. 

I have learned that my boys, at this point in their sweet little lives, their love language is Play (Quality Time) and Words (Affirmation).  I made a new rule in our house, no yelling. Ummm... I bet you can guess who this rule was put in place for??  Yep, you guessed it yours truly and my twin Mason.  We tend to be the so called  "yellers" of the family (your shocked right?) while Chris and Brady are the cool, calm, collective ones of the castle.  I am sure none of you have every done the whole yell thing, where it hurts your throat and you look around and pray that noone somehow heard the awful noise that came from your mouth?  Well, I have nnnever done that, I was just thinking maybe you had. 

So, here are some of the things we have put into place.  Date Nights with the boys.  At least once a month  each of us separately take one of the boys on a "date".  We let them pick wherever they want to eat and then whatever activity they want to do.  To say they love it would be an understatement.  The last time Mason and I were on our date at dinner I asked him if he was having fun and he said (in his sweet little voice), "Mom, it can't get any bedder than this."  Oh how he melts my heart. (sigh) As I was saying, we also have started family game night at least 1-2 times a week and there is a whole lot more jumping, twisting, swording, playing and then more dancing, playing, jumping, climbing that is going on in our castle.  Why?  Because in those moments I am speaking their language.  A language that, has taken me awhile to learn, I am thankfully starting to speak fluently.  Do I mess up and say the wrong word or not speak it as much as I should?  Of course I do!  The one thing I am 100% confident in is the fact that no matter how hard, tiring or inconvenient it can be at times.  I would learn how to speak any language for my sweet boys to feel like the most loved little men on this planet. 

So, do you know your kids/ friends/coworkers/kings love language?   
Here are the options: Quality Time, Affirmation of Words, Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch.  I am going to bet if you haven't thought about this before, you are most likely speaking to others in the way you feel loved and maybe not in the way they feel loved.  Just something to think about.

 Well, thats all I have to report on for now. Happy Loving!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beauty 911

Who doesn't love a good find? I know I do especially if it's going to make me look tanner/ thinner/ younger (you see where this is going). So, in my quest to find the next "big" kept secret, I have come across some beauty MUST haves. Unless of course, you have perfect skin, long eyelashes and have time to get manicures every week. If that is you, I DON'T LIKE YOU. Okay, much better now like I was saying, here are some great finds that are fairly inexpensive. Which makes them all the better.

First, I must give props to my mom who was the one who got me hooked on some of the must haves. To know her is to love her. If you don't, you are truly missing out and you will soon meet her. She is adorable and one of the most stylish fiftyish something mamma's around. I don't have to say that either because she wont be reading this (she struggles with the whole computer thing). Love ya mom!

Now, back to the beautiness.....Let me explain these beauty must haves:

Sally Hansen Color Quick: Fast Dry Nail Color Pen
  • Okay, so this only applies to all of you moms that don't like to or don't have the time to get manicures and need something that can take you TWO minutes (Ahem) Did you hear me? TWO minutes to dry and your nails are done. It lasts about 3 days but for a girl like myself this is fantastic. No joke. I bring it in the car and can have my nails painted at a stop light. Yes people, I am that good. Sold at your local Walgreens and CVS. So, for all you crazy couponers, do what you do and use your bucks/cards (whatever those things are called that you use that I can't figure out) and you can be out the door in under $9.00.
Estee Lauder: Lash Primer Plus
  • This is for women like myself who have to use a magnifying glass to see their luxurious lashes.  It's a conditioning base that makes your lashes longer and stronger. You put this on before your mascara. Wait about one minute then put your mascara on and voila..... Pure Hotness!!! This will go for about $17.50. 
Tan Towel: Look Good Naked
  • No, I didn't just add the Look Good Naked but come on lets be real who doesn't want to look good naked? Even if your body is beginning to sag in all the wrong areas at least it will be tan and that has to count for something right? You can use these towelettes on your face and body. It gives you no streaking at all. I LOVE these things. Seriously, if I run out and see you with them, you better run because I am coming. I use these all the time. It gives you a great glow without the orange look. Plus, it saves your body from the (scared face) evil tanning bed. These are going to run you about $2.00 a piece.

Alright, that's all I have to report on for now. So, tell us what are some of your secret beauty must haves?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

King of Our Castle

You have been introduced to the three loves of my life so I thought I should at least let you meet the king of our castle. If you are fortunate enough to know him you will quickly find out within minutes that he has a deep passion for coaching and for his boys. He comes across as quiet and although most would say I am the one with all the personality (i kid...i kid) he is one of the funniest I know. One of the many things I admire about this man is the quiet strength that he brings to our castle. There are very few men that you meet who you know that there character is 100% in tact, our king is one of few.

He is CRAZY OBSESSED with coaching basketball. Oh yeah, Did I say OBSESSED?? Okay, just making sure. He is the happiest when his two feet are planted on a basketball court. Is it the teaching that he likes so much or is it the kids that he deals with on a daily basis. I am going to say it's a mixture of both. I am the queen of his castle so it kinda gives me the right to assume the answer to this question right? He is the man who wont have the spot light often (thankfully, unlike myself he doesn't need it) but the man who is spending hours upon hours doing what he loves and that is trying to make the people around him better.

The king of our castle is truly one of the best fathers I know. He will spend hours on end playing basketball, football, golf, wrestling and anything else that involves running, jumping or going crazy with our boys. He teaches the boys about many things from how to make a bird house (there will be a entire post devoted to that....stay tuned) to choosing right from wrong, to how to shoot the basketball exactly right. He has changed just as many diapers as I have throughout our five plus years of having boys in diapers. There should be an award for that or something. The one thing that he does best is show our boys how much he loves the true KING of KINGS.

So, from this queen to my oh so amazing king....I wouldn't want to do this life with anyone else. Thanks for making our crazy castle our home.

To all of you queens out their....I challenge you to do better than what I have done and take two minutes out of your crazy day of running around, breaking up fights, potty training, loving on the kids and simply say thanks to the king of your castle.

They are kind of a big deal.

Hopefully, by the time you are done reading the B.M.C. Report you will have laughed a little, cried a little and if nothing else realized that this life is way too short not to be happy right where you are. Enough of the sap people....on to the good stuff. Who are these adorable little men? They are the three loves of my life: Brady (5), Mason (3) and Cole (7 mon.) How can you not want to get your daily fix of the B.M.C. Report? Enough said... See you tomorrow!

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