Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Love...

Look at you my little love.  I can't help but LOVE every single 
roll on your sweet little body. Oh my, do you see the drool? 
These pictures capture just how funny you are.  You have
figured out you can make your own faces and you had me
crying I was laughing so hard at you.   

My sweet little boy, You are just a few days shy of 8 months. Here are some of the loves in
your sweet little life right now....

--- you LOVE to put your little face on the vents just so you can gasp from all the cold air---
--- you LOVE to sit and watch your brother play the Wii ---
--- you LOVE to smile ---
--- you LOVE  your two brothers around you. They make you laugh like noone else--- 
--- you LOVE to laugh --- 

--- you LOVE to eat ---
--- you LOVE cheerios ---
--- you LOVE to make silly faces ---
--- you LOVE your momma ---
 You, my sweet baby are the clingiest of all. You can spot me from across the room and the look on your face is priceless. You are NEVER more than a foot away from me.

--- you LOVE to army crawl that little body of yours right over to me---
--- you LOVE me holding you --- 
--- you LOVE the water ---
--- you LOVE soccer balls, actually you LOVE all things that are shaped like a ball---
--- you LOVE for me to put my hand of your little cheek while I rock you to sleep---
--- you LOVE to watch me dance ---
 I am guessing because I look so funny doing it but you belly laugh everytime.  

-- you LOVE to crawl to the kitchen and look at yourself in the mirror --
-- you LOVE when I come in your room to get you up from your naps --
-- you LOVE to be naked and show off that cute dimpled booty --
-- you LOVE your paci --
-- you LOVE to make noises --
-- you LOVE to be by the fireplace and put your little hands on the tile -- 
-- you LOVE to just be with the family; you are so easy going, sweet, lovable, squeezable and most of all happy--

While you were growing in my belly I can remember thinking.... Who will you look?  Will you have a dimple like your brothers?  Will you be laid back?  Will you be a snuggler?  Will you have blonde hair or brown hair?  You are far more than I could of ever dreamed.  You are still so small and have no idea what this crazy world is like.  Thankfully, I can protect you for right now. So, that I will do. I will love you and squeeze you for as long as I possibly can. 


  1. I LOVE this post! What a sweet baby boy you have! He sounds a lot like my sweet baby girl, perhaps a future set up? ;) He's adorable!

  2. Thank you so much, Emily! They are so sweet at this age (as you already know)! I love the "set up" idea :)


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