Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There will be a T.J. Maxx in Heaven, Right?

Alright all you hot mommas with crazy little men at home, you will understand what I am about to say.  To all of you with little ladies this will be a foreign language to you.  However, this may be an enlightening time for you.  

Let me go ahead and give you a taste of our world. The world of little pee pee's. 

I open the doors and what am I bombarded with.  A sweet little skirt, adorable knee highs, sparkle silver shoes, headbands, Tutu's... need I go on? 

I walk over to the little boys section...

Umm, excuse me, Is this ALL of the boy clothes you have? 

Seriously, you have half of the store covered in all things frilly and this is it?

I can walk into any store (even Walmarta) and buy a cart full of little girls clothes within five minutes.  Not sure if you remember this --- just one problem here friends --- I have THREE boys and although Mason has been called a girl on multiply occasions, this is not going to help me.  Side Note: Can someone please tell me WHY everyone over the age of 50 will see Mason and IMMEDIATELY with NO hesitation comment on how cute my little girl is.  Seriously, do you not see the poor kid has an Adidas cutoff shirt and basketball shorts on.  For the love, it drives me NUTS! Okay, what was I saying again? So, once again why in the crap is there only one little corner of the store designated for little boys?  I guess I can just always go with the spider man undies and gym shoes outfit.  This would be a dream come true for them! 

Deep in the trenches of mommyhood, I have been searching for five years now looking for a place that I can walk into and find cute clothes at a relatively cheap price and walkout in 10 minutes.

There is one place that never lets me down, it never makes me pay full price, it ALWAYS makes me happy and most importantly my sweet boys look like straight up STUDS.  If I am really being honest they are to young to really care what they are wearing so alot of  this searching is more for me-myself-I! I know your thinking, shut-it woman and just tell me where I can get the goods.

Well,  it's the one and only T.J. Maxx.

They have designer brands at amazingly low prices (up to 60% off).  I am not gonna lie it may take you a time or two to go in and find your groove but it wont disappoint. For example, I needed to get my whole crew some little man swag before we leave on vacation in 3 weeks. So, I go in and 10 minutes later, Voila... 3 Polo's (not the $5 Old Navy ones, the actual Polo Brand), 2 Pumas shirts, a happy momma and out the door for $22.00. 

So, there is hope in the midst of all the girlicious clothes out there. If you are like me you just hope you can bribe make your boys stay civil and relaxed (yeah, right) for the 10 minutes it will take to grab the clothes and get the heck out of dodge!

Go ahead, you can do it, they will be fine... Pack up your boys and go! While your there peek at the home section. You will love it and if you don't that's okay too. Just leaves more for your truly!

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  1. you're so cute, sis... luckily, i don't have this problem. i just go straight to the tutu's... :)


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