Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Wheels

The excitement of picking it out. Which color you will choose? Bringing it home just to jump on and fall off. Not caring that you scraped your elbow or skinned your knee. Wind blowing, sun shining, your only worry is what popsicle color you are going to pick out after you ride your new set of wheels. 

You remember getting your fist bike,right? Well, good because I don't. What I can say is I hope I was half as happy as this sweet boy. Doesn't he look so old?(sigh)

Fearless, ready to take on whatever you throw at him, determined to be the best at everything he does, my boy is 100% pure joy.

Brady, this is your first big boy bike. You picked it out yourself. Of course, it had to have orange on it. You got all the goodies; helmet, knee pad the whole nine yards. You are doing such a GREAT job and are so determined to do every turn by yourself. All you want to do is ride, ride and ride. You try to ride as fast as your growing legs will let you. You love your helmet. You want to wear it to bed, to eat and when you play in the basement with your dad, because you said it makes you "play harder". You crack me up! You are so proud of your new wheels. 

I am beyond proud of the sweet boy that you are and the little independent man that you are becoming. I know that one day, all too soon, I will have to let you go but for now you are my sweet angel. I do ask one thing and only one thing. Can you please stay little?


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  1. i ask one thing... will you stop making me cry?!?! good gosh!!


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