Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slightly on the obsessive compulsive side...

Do you remember when you used to fill out job applications?  You know the part where you have to list all of your hobbies or personal interests? I knew they wanted me to list off admirable things like running or volunteering at a retirement home.  I would think, how awesome weird are they going to think I am that I spend my free time cleaning? Seriously, who does this?  Is cleaning even considered a personal interest?  *Ahem* 
There are few activities in life that can match the rush that transforming a dirty, finger printed window into an HD view brings me.  And if you give me a messy room and an uninterrupted 30 minutes, I’ll show you a new way of living.  I am the type of person that if I had a cleaning lady I would actually clean before the cleaning lady showed up.  I tend to be, ummm, slightly on the obsessive compulsive side.  I clean when I am happy, mad, nervous... you get the point.  Which leads me to one of my most fabulous cleaning products.  Oh, in case you are wondering, all of you businesses out there, I am totally game for writing about your products.  I am sure all six of my followers will LOVE them!  I'll be waiting, okay, great!

Alright, here she is!  Not only is this glass cleaner ammonia-free, non-toxic and odorless it is also AU NATURALE!  This fabulous cleaner is the bomb.  "It's da bomb you know you hear me comin"... (Forgive me as I just reverted back to my middle school days when Kris Kross was da bomb! )  I used to be terrible at cleaning windows as I would leave them so streaked.  They would actually look WORSE after I cleaned them but with this amazing product, birds will fly into your windows.  No lie, two birds flew into the back door earlier this summer like five minutes after I cleaned it.  Only a neurotic clean freak would be excited about that.
 I know you want to know where you can get this, like I said it is all Au Naturale which means it can be purchased at your local Health Food Store!  Here's a quick tip... If you have a window/door that is super dirty (like haven't cleaned in months dirty) first use Joy dishwasher detergent on it, then use the BioKleen!  You will LOVE me afterwards, PROMISE!

Happy Cleaning!


  1. haven't tried that! i'm kind of obsessed with my shaklee cleaners though, so i'm not sure i could stray! wish i was one of those people who wanted to clean all the time...

  2. I'm totally with you on the ocd behavior!!!! I clean non stop but do my best when I am mad though. I can tear through everything and transform a room in like 10 min flat if there is anger involved...or stress! LOL I haven't tried this glass cleaner but I need to since my daughter draws all day long on the back glass door with her window crayons!


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