Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things That Just Fit

I feel like my mind is like a million little sticky notes. All color coordinated of course! I have a million different things going on, places to be and things to remember. But for this brief second I will just sit and enjoy my keyboard, my starbucks and the cool air that is starting to smell like rain.

Have you ever stopped to think just how certain things in your life just fit together? I haven't either {until now}... Here's a light hearted list I started to write. Enjoy.

mom's arms
an old pair of torn, perfect jeans
rocking your baby to sleep
laughing with girlfriends
a caramel frappuccino on a rainy day
a small quiet corner in a library
movies at midnight
the pitter patter of little feet running around
tiny handprints on a freshly clean window

    So, what is it for you that just fits? Maybe it's your morning coffee or  what about an old t-shirt you wear to bed? I would love to hear your list. So do tell...

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    1. I had one of those rare quiet moments this morning too. It was the perfect breeze, swiftly moving clouds, and the smell of cedar. Ahhhh!

    2. What a sweet list. It's raining here, I may go for that frappucino!

    3. Yes, handprints on the windows. I just can't ever bring myself to wash them off.

    4. Puddles and Rain boots
      Milk and Cereal
      Dress-up clothes and Little ones
      Playgrounds and Giggles
      Shopping and coupons - ha, just had to add that last one in for a smile!


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