Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Letter.

He still runs at me with his arms out,
he still wants to be held when he's sick. 
He still will whisper in my ear and say, "Mom, I love you."
He takes a break from whatever he’s doing
and he says hey 

mom mom
over and over while he sprints
from across the room... To me.
He is starting to get to 'cool' to dance when other people are around
But for me he never turns a dance party down. He smiles. He dances.

Today was a first.
The first time he asked me to help him write a letter.
I didn't ask questions, I simple said okay. 
He sat. He asked questions how to spell. He thought of all the words to write.

I helped only when needed. 
Today he wrote a letter to a sweet 'girl' friend who
He has adored since birth. 
We celebrated her today at a Skating Party.

he thinks.
 he writes.

I wonder how many more times he will ask me to sit
as he writes?
As he writes today, I pray. 
I pray for his future Bride. The one that's made just for him.

That he will love her, lead her and show her grace every day. 
That he will always open the door for her and hold her hand.
That he will pray with her and protect her.

I know, It sounds crazy but I have prayed for my boys brides
since the day I held them in my arms. 
I believe 100% there is power in a momma's prayer.
So I will not stop. Ever. 
There is no greater gift I could give them than Jesus.

Do you ever pray for your kids future spouses?


  1. I'll never forget hearing Michael's mom say,
    "I've prayed for you his entire life."
    What an amazing testament to what a mother's role is...nothing is more powerful than that of prayer. Michael and I have been doing the same since each of our children was born. Sometimes we are specific as we see their personalities blossom; however, only God knows the perfect spouse for each of them. Keep praying you amazing mama!

  2. You are such an amazing mommy. I hope I can be like you when I have kids.


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