Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday {Triple Threat}

Yep it's week #3 for me of What I Wore Wednesday and I am having such a fun time with it.
My boys keep asking me why I am taking a picture of myself in a mirror. 
Valid questions I guess.
So, this week I title it the 'Triple Threat' because one of my personal goals in shopping is to buy an article of clothing that I can wear dressy and casual. 
I work part-time so I have to have a semi-dressy wardrobe to go along with my 'hawt mom' attire.
{i kid, i kid}
Here's is the same shirt {that I got on clearance for $4.99} 
worn three different ways this week!

Here is the main piece:

Option 1: Church Attire

Option 2: Mom Attire 

 Option 3: Work Attire

Here is where I got the fabulous goods:
Shirt: Kohls
Skirt: T.J. Maxx
Boots: Macy 
Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Gray Dress Pants: T.J. Maxx
Hair Accessories: Forever 21
Camera Strap {that I adore}: Eclectic What Not
There you have it... easy enough right? I think if I am being honest some of my favorite things to 'wear' are grace, patience and a smile. It's amazing how those three together can make any outfit so much better! Don't ya think? 

Well, it been raining like CRAZY around here! So stay dry and enjoy this fabulous day!
Happy Wednesday!! 


  1. love the "hawt mom" outfit! i also like the idea of taking one shirt and wearing it three different ways. great outfits!

  2. I love how versatile that top is. YOu looked "hawt" each way you wore it:)

  3. Super CUTE i loove it!
    I also linked up on WIWW :)

    XOXO Andrea

  4. That is adorable!

  5. Very cute and for 4.99 you can't beat it!

  6. Luv these outfits!! And really like the part about pairing an outfit with "patience"...that made me smile and was a great reminder for me today! (Being cooped in the house due to sooo much rain is not good for my patience :)

  7. I like the checked top a lot! Also great that you are showing it 3 ways!

  8. AHHH! So stinkin' cute and you make it so versatile.

  9. Cool take on WIWW! I love the different looks and yep that was a STEAL of a deal. You met your goal in this top!

  10. love that you showed three different ways to wear the same shirt! You look great!


  11. well isn't that just a versatile little bargain! i like the "valid question" comment. haha <3

  12. Love it! Wish I could wear such cute clothes to my part time job!

    (Wish I had a better look at the hair accessories though....thinking about venturing into F21 for some of my own this spring....)


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