Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: The Art of the Skinny.

Yep, I am going there. To some, these words make you cringe. I must admit to being very intimidated by Skinny Jeans. But if I can rock them so can you. When they were last in style, I wasn't even born. It’s hard to see yourself in a style made popular by women who are more like cartoon stick figures. Which leads me to the question: Do you have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans? No!   

Now, should everyone wear this type of jean. No! We have all seen the few who should not EVER put a pair on. That isn't being mean that's just being real. I would NEVER put on a thong bikini because I have two butts, so some should just stay away from the 'skinny' altogether.

The key to the skinny jean is finding what you should pair it up with. 
Tops: Because the skinny jean is designed to be tight, form fitting and ankle hugging you must pair it with a top that is fuller {to balance it all out}. For example, drapery tops, tunics, short dresses, belted tunics.

Shoes: This part is the easy part. This style of jean is perfect for riding boots {my favorite} or heels {leg-lengthening look}. Some can wear flats {make sure they are pointy- toed}but I am of the belief you have to be one of the 'cartoon stick figures' to pull that off. So, in a nut shell that's the skinny on the skinny. 

Here is a slight disclaimer and the reason I wrote this. Quick story: You know one of my loves is Zumba? Well, last night it was one of my friends baby showers and of course I went from Zumba to the parrrrtay. I decide to do a quick change in the bathroom. So, I put on my skinny jeans. One problem, due to the sweat, I literally get stuck mid pull. Keep in mind I am in the bathroom trying to squeeze my sweaty chubby body into spandex {that's what it felt like at least}. I have to get out of the stall so I can do the jump and pull. {$20 bucks you are smiling right now because you have done this} As I am in mid jump a random Zumba lady walks in. She smiles, I laugh and apologize for my hotness. I am sure the poor lady is scarred and is probably writing about a crazy person she saw in the bathroom. I say all of that to warn you: As fabulous as the jeans can be. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUT ON SKINNY JEANS WHILE SWEATY. It will make you feel like you should be wearing a fat suit!

What type of jeans to you wear? Do you rock the skinny jeans or are you more of a boot cut,  straight leg kinda girl? Remember, whatever you wear {even if it is a moo moo}... wear it with confidence! 
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  1. Well, said and I love the pic. I used to dread the idea of skinny jeans and thought that no one could wear them, but as they have become more popular I am more comfortable with the style and own several pair. I think another thing is that skinny can mean a lot of different things. There are jeggings, which are the skinniest of all, and the everyday skinny which is more of just a straight leg as opposed to boot cut. It's so complicated, you may have just inspired a future post for me. :)

  2. I love my skinny jeans and a good pair of boots!! I never thought I would wear skinny jeans, but I have two pairs and love, love, love them. Trust me Maria, you CAN rock the skinny jean!! : )

  3. I also have fallen in love with my pair of skinny jeans, but you are so right...they are meant to be worn with the right shoes... I only wear mine with tall chunky boots to hide the REALLY skinny part around the ankles that looks really weird on me. You would be proud of me, I wore my skinny jeans and boots with a longer shirt to school one day...I sure got some stares from some teachers with their apple pins but boy did I feel good! :)

  4. It's so hilarious that these are in style to me. I'm only twenty-five so when I was into fashion as a teenager, these were like the nerdiest thing that you could wear. I can't get into the skinny thing, my ankles need to breathe. :-)

    So it was really funny to me when my 10 year old stepdaughter refused to wear anything BUT skinny jeans and peace signs.

    It's funny that I could literally let her shop in my mom's closet for the things she wore as a teenager and she'd be all set!

  5. I am laughing reading these skinny jean stories. Who would of thought we would like them so much, right?! I can't wait to see what old fashion comes back for this summer!!!


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