Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Girls Have One... Yep, I've got two.

Of what you ask? 
First, before I spill the beans. Have you read this post? You should. 
This fabulous body {insert sarcastic laugh}I have has not been one that I have loved and still struggle to love it everyday.
I'm pretty sure this is something that most females go through. 
Some more than others FOR SURE! 
I love working out. I guess I should refraze that. I have grown to love to workout. 
Unlike many of you, I wasn't born a skinny minny. My body is happy when it's got a lot of chub on it.
 However, I am not.
In fact, I actually get kinda mean {shocking, right?}
Which brings me to the answer that you have been waiting for. 
Every time I start to eat whatever I want or go without working out for a few days, I have a friend who comes to visit. I call her a friend because she comes and goes.
 The only difference is that with my friends I LOVE to see them. 
With this friend... not so much.
You can call her SB. Which stands for second butt. 
It's this little layer of fat under my butt cheek. 
Seriously, it's a second butt. {If you have one you LOVE me right now. Why? Because you thought you were the only one out there}I know, TMI ...maybe but I figured she is apart of me. 
So... why not share. 
Here is what I know. I get frustrated {like right now} and burnt out {like right now}.
 I get sick of watching what I eat and trying to make sure I get some type of exercise in. 
It's annoying at times. But. This is the way my body was created and I guess I should just be thankful that I can workout. I am sure you know how I am feeling. Second butt situation... maybe not. So, how do you get out of the dreaded workout slump? I need a boost. 


  1. LOL- I always say that I have 4 butt-cheeks. Seriously. I hate that extra cheek there! Hubs is the man who keeps me focused on working out. Right now my workouts are light. Pregnancy does that to you. Especially when you have a few kids already. *grin*
    I do not naturally like working out, but I have come to love the results and the ready-to-conquer-the-world feeling I have right after a good workout. Addicting!

  2. Rhen, I love that there is someone else out there who knows how I feel! :) Unless you have *it* you just don't understand. You are SO right that working out gives you the ready-to-conquer-the-world feeling! I LOVE that!!!

  3. Too funny! I know how you feel though. If your hubs is like mine, he just loves to run and bike, and yada-yada-yada. I've found that if I plan an adventure date with him it gets me motivated to get moving before that. I just got us ziplining passes for Valentines day so I'm what, hitting the spinning class a little more intensely so I'll look a little better in that harness-y thing.

  4. I have been wanting to go ziplining forever. It looks like such a blast! You will have to tell me how it goes. Our anniversary is coming up in March... maybe I will surprise him w/a ziplining date.

    The harness-y thing sounds a bit intimidating. Good thing I am taking more Zumba classes!

  5. Oh, I am laughing out loud! Seriously! I don't call mine the second butt. I named mine my "thass." This is not politically correct, but in my opinion, there is supposed to be a clear and definite boundary between my thighs and my *ss. However, when I find myself making rationalizations for why I didn't hit the running trail and instead found myself knee-deep in a warm bowl of queso, my thass returns. What is my thass? Well, it's when there is no longer that boundary between my thighs and my...behind. It's just one big clump of, well, THASS!


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