Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Birthday Party To Remember {in more ways than one}

Yes, I know you have been waiting to hear how the boys crazy {but awesome} birthday shindig went. As you know I kinda LOVE to have parties. Do I get stressed? Yes. I have come to realize that I kinda like stress because I keep having the parties. After I am done I always say, "that wasn't bad at all." I'm beginning to think it's like labor. Why? You know how like a month after having your sweet little baby you think the labor thing wasn't really "that" bad. It's like you forget the screaming, sweating, swearing {not me} that occurred. 

I have the party thing pretty much down to a science. For the last 5 years we have rented out our local YMCA. We always have the party after hours so NO ONE else is in the building. My mom and I go and set up about 2 hours before. I know, who has that much crap  fabulous party decorations to set up? 


This year I made the Photo Booth {which the girls LOVED}. My boys didn't go in it once. To be honest I didn't make it for them. {Don't tell them} I knew there was going to be lots of cute little ladies who would love the all the tiara's, rings, glitter masks and princess wands they could use to dress up and take pictures. 

A quick side note... to my future sons girlfriends {if I approve of you} you are going to LOVE me. Why? Because, I am surrounded by penis' all day so I finally will get to go shopping, go to the spa and do anything girly!

This year we had around 30 kids RSVP to this crazy event. About 20 minutes before everyone was about to arrive the YMCA dude comes up to me to and says, "Ma'am are you from the Boy Scouts?" Seriously, does it look like I am from the Boy Scouts? {I wanted to say that but I didn't of course} I smiled and said no we just got done setting up for my boys birthday party. Hence the 30 balloons, candy buffet, 12 tables, cake, banner, Photo Booth etc... {didn't say that either}. He then informs me that they *accidentally* double booked and there will be 40 boy scouts arriving in... 20 minutes. Awesome. 

Normally, I would have "The Big One" but I choose be calm and go talk to the Boy Scout trooper lady {I think she has an official title but I have no clue what it is}. She was great we decided they will swim during our party and we wont even see them. Perfect. Problem solved. Wrong.


The next thing I know {10 minutes before everyone will be arriving} this woman who lets just say had the personality of a snail shows up. She was clearly having one of those days where you probably for the sake of others stay locked  up in your house. She comes up to me and says she is getting the Family Center {where the party was} set up for church the next day. Well, that may be a problem because I have 30 little people about to show up. I explained how the party was only like an hour and half and I would stay and help set up after. She said, "No, not an option." {Deep Breath in, Slow Breath Out} She then proceeded to be lets just say not a nice person. I'm sure you are wondering where the Y guy is in all of this. Um. Me too. They call the awesome, smart person who triple booked the night and of course he doesn't answer his phone. Why, would he? So we are left to figure it out ourselves. 

If you know my husband you know that he is quiet unless you push him over board. Well... Little Miss Sunshine pushed him over board. He confronted LMS and then went to find the pastor of the church {who was truly awesome}. At this point my sweet, kind hearted mom proceeds to tell LMS that she is really being unreasonable right now. LMS then says it's just a birthday party and starts to move the cake table. {Never touch my cake table, people} My mom puts one hand on her hip and the other pointing directly at LMS and says, " You call yourself a Christian, You're more like the spawn of Satan." 

Holy Poo. At this point I start to laugh but only because I want to cry. What in the crap is happening right now? Note to self: Don't mess with my mom. She is cute and little but I am now 100% sure if you mess with me she will kick the crap out of you or just call you the spawn of Satan. {love that woman

Finally, she realizes she should probably just go. I doubt she has ever seen a momma bear protect her cub like that before. Thankfully she leaves... as she is leaving the first guests arrive. I of course smile and greet them like nothing has happened.

Believe it or not it was a fabulous party. So much laughter, loudness, joy. The kids were adorable and had the best time. One of the little girls came up to me and said, "this is the best party I have been to ever!" We played games in the gym, had fun with the pinata, took pictures in the photo booth, sang into their new microphones and ate LOTS of candy. 

When the night was over and we were sitting in our living room watching the boys play with all their new toys and talking about who all was there I look at Coach W and say, "that wasn't bad at all." {pregnancy memory I guess} My sweet boys are already counting down the days till their next party.


Please tell me you have had crazy things happen at your parties?  


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH You make me laugh. I totally do that too.

  2. Marni... I am SO glad I am not the only one!!


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