Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Motherhood has taken over everything.

My Mind {I am crazy}. My Body {I tend to lean toward the muffin top side} My Eyes {I see this world in an entire new light} My Heart {it is filled with more joy and love than I could EVER imagine} My Words {there are six little ears listening to everything that comes out of my mouth} My Hands {I have touched things I swore I would never put my fingers on} My Car {the swagger wagon has broken crackers, bottles and sippy cups that have completely invaded my once oh so kept perfect car} My Home {once had everything in it's perfect spot is now still in a spot but filled with basketballs, puzzles, tonka trucks and messiness (the good kind) and let's not forget new wall decor... the occasional smeared booger... awesomeness} My Grocery Cart {once filled with only Diet Coke, chicken, baked lays... is know taken over by fruit snacks, baby food, juice, goldfish and animal crackers}

Even my phoneThis week I found myself scrolling through all of the pictures I have taken on my phone since getting it a couple months ago. There are some real gems. Mostly, though, I was struck by just how motherhood-y my life has become. I mean I do have three little men. There are still some days I can't believe I am a mom. Then two seconds later I am quickly reminded of that because someone is pulling on my leg or asking for something.   

 Here are some of the pictures I found hidden away in my phone...

I may or may not be snuggled in bed!

Yes, he has on the head phones watching a movie. Hilarious . Adorable.

Yes, I was in the bathroom and a little hand kept showing up. 

Do you ever go into the bathroom just to give yourself a second to just be? I would NEVER do that. {fingers crossed behind my back} As I look at the pictures on my phone and think about the countless ways my motherhood-y life has taken over it makes me smile. I can remember always praying and hoping that one day I would be a mom and six mommy years later I am thankful that I am just that. A mom. 

Have your kids taken over anything in your life? 

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  1. Sweet post and great perspective.....liked the pics......especially the hand under the bathroom door :)

  2. I just saw one of those monkey things for the first time the other day. So cute. My baby uses soothies too. I have enjoyed skimming over your blog. I thought one of yours sons was eleven and I was trying to figure out HOW IN THE WORLD that could be possible! Then I looked again and saw the "mo." which makes a lot more sense. :)

  3. I love your perspective! Oh, and in this household goldfish are a must ;)! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  4. Lovely top ten ! Your pictures are amazing. That hand under the door cracks me up. It's so funny!


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