Monday, March 7, 2011

A List. Do you have one?

Happy Monday! 

WE all have things on our 'To Do List'.

Depending on the day you ask me I may have only one or two {those are my favorite days} other days I have two-pages worth {those are my not-so favorite days}

Here is my list for today:

Share something from your To Do list for today. You may jog someone else's memory or maybe you'll have an answer for someone else's need. Remember, life is always a little better when shared with others. 

Plus, your 'to do list' feels a little less to do-ish when you put it out there in blog-land.


See you in the comments!


  1. Call the dentist about a bill, watch friends kids, sub at Carys' school, vacuum, eat good!

  2. Amy I should have put eat good on my list!! It will be easy for you to watch your friends kids... {since your rich and all} :)

  3. Run 3 miles! Good for you. I would be proud to have run any miles on my list.


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