Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Spring is right around the corner {i promise}. Today on my way to pick up one of my sweet boys from school I saw signs of it. In the midst of rain drops I saw signs of beauty. My favorite kind of weather is the bird chirping kind. The open your windows all day kind. The flip flops and painted toe nails kind. Oh Spring you are needed.

 Spring reminds me of natures way of change and renewal. It's funny how our everyday life is the same way. We go through transitions, changes, new beginnings, things unknown yet it such a beautiful time if we let it be. Do you seek out to find beauty in your transitions or the unknowns going on in your life or do you worry and not embrace the journey? I challenge you to see the beauty in your 'place' in life right now. Embrace it. Dance in it. Love it. 
Happy Weekending!

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