Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear 15 Month Old Sweet Baby C,

2,063 diapers
4,028 bottles
575 baths
552 times you have been rocked 
65 nail clippings
50 bananas
20 gallons of apple juice
365 belly laughs
1 trips to ER
1 surgery 
150,000 kisses 

That's how we've spent the past amazing 15 months.
I watched you grow 

from my precious little baby,

to this adorable, dimpled, brown-eyed toddler.

You are crazy independent right now. You have a best friend. He is someone who hasn't left you since Day 5 of your life. Your little monkey who is connected to your paci. You love him. Why would you not? He is there ALL the time. When you are happy. He is there. When you are sad. Yep, he is there. I can see you becoming a little boy and it pains me. I see the way you antagonize Mason and although you get told No I can't help but laugh. You ADORE Brady. You can't get enough of him. He can do NO wrong in your sweet little eyes. You hate to sit in your high chair. It drives me nutso but I will chase you around and feed you because that's what moms do. Truth be told sweet little boy, I would do anything for you. So until your next letter... keep growing, keep smiling, keep bringing me books to read you, keep driving your brothers crazy, keep being loud, keep dancing when you hear the i-pod, keep trying to talk on my phone, keep curling up on my lap, keep playing with my hair and keep teaching me what it truly feels like to be needed, loved and blessed.

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