Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Carboholic: Day 2


My issue with health isn't so much with exercise, but with my eating. I am a carbaholic and sugarholic. I honestly could live on pepperment patties and cookie cake icing. I lack willpower. I try, but often unhealthy food wins every time. While I probably will lose a few pounds and inches from my waist line while doing the first part of the 24 Day Challenge, (the 10 Day Herbal Cleanse), I am really wanting to learn how to eat better for myself and also for my family.  

As a working mom with three boys who have crazy schedules often find myself going for the quick fix. I have done this not only since becoming a mom but even in my college years. I would always want the quick fix. What I am learning with this cleanse is how to get healthy for the long run.... eat better. With that being said, I am also realizing I have a long ways to go but I am really shocked at how I feel only 2 days in. 

One of the many things I am loving about doing this with a group of girls are the texts I am getting throughout the day. It's cracking me up. As their 'coach' I am checking in on them, trying to encourage them and give them as much information as I can to help them. Who knew grown woman would be so excited about how many times they have gone to the bathroom!

I am sure some are wondering what I have actually ate the past 24 hours. I have been keeping a food journal from yesterday...

Day 1
Fiber Drink
Spark Drink

Mid Morning Snack: 

Salad w/vegatbles and grilled chicken

Afternoon Snack: 
Strawberries & Spark

Grilled Chicken
Steamed Veggies

** I really wasn't hungry. I NEVER eat six times a day but I know I should. Energy level was increased by Spark. It has some caffeine and tons of nutrients. This has been a life saver today!!! 

What are you going to do today to start making changes in your eating habits? I will leave you all with this to think about .... 


See you tomorrow, friends.

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