Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days: A Journey of Health: Day 1

Every October, The Nester hosts 31 Days of ...
{Whatever is on your mind for 31 days}. 
 Those participating are invited to write about the topic of their
choice every single day for a month.  I have always heard of challenges like
this, and have always admired those who took the time to consistently share
what is on their mind.  I have had this pull of wanting to join but I always
let life get in the way. This year, with the encouragement from so many of
my friends, I am tackling this challenge head on. 
As I thought about what topic to write on, my heart and mind immediately went to health and fitness. For years, I have felt like the Lord was going to somehow use me in the area of health and fitness but wasn't sure how.  I
have always had a passion to help women feel good about themselves. To be
able to look in the mirror and not only know that 
"you are created in His image
but also be able to look in the mirror and feel good about what you see. 

 That's one of the reasons I became a Zumba instructor and that has
been extremely rewarding. But for me that is only part of it. There are many
of us (myself included) that can exercise all day long and use that as an
excuse to eat however we want. Some of it is not knowing how to eat right
but it also because there is sometimes no accountability. There is nobody
encouraging you asking about your fitness and eating habits.  I believe with
every ounce of my being that you must take time to learn how to be healthy not
only for your future but for your children's future.

This is one of the reasons my husband and I decided to become AdvoCare distributors. It was a way for us to embody many of our convictions on health and fitness and also be able to earn a little extra income.  For us,this was the best way to start our business in hopes of partnering with others and helping them reach their goals whether that be losing weight, gaining energy or 
having an extra pay check that will allow their family
some breathing room.
Many have asked how I got my husband on board.
  You see, those who know him well know he is pretty conservative and not one to take risks (must come from that accounting background!).  He researched the business opportunity for a couple weeks and my heart leaped for joy when he called me from work and told me there was very little risk and he was "all in".  That's the
moment I knew this was our journey. For some, the idea of a home-based
business like ours rubs them the wrong way.  But like any decision in life,
you aren't going to have everyone love it and for once in my life, that's
ok! For us, we look forward to the day when we have a team of individuals
all over the US helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle.
For the next 31 days I am going to write about the journey of a group of
people taking on the 24 Day Challenge and what happens after it's over. 
What it looks like in real life. What I personally learn about myself and how it
is impacting others around me. I'm excited to see the way the Lord uses this
journey and how I am challenged and changed. I hope you will follow along.
I will leave you all with this verse:
"She is clothed in strength and dignity
 and laughs without fear of the
future." Proverbs 31:25

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