Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lesson in Motherhood

I try to be the kind of person that is always thinking positive. I try my darnedest to see the best in the people that are around me. I believe that every thing happens for a reason, and that if I could do this mom thing over again I wouldn't change a thing.
For me, the reality is, if I could go back to the very day I became a mom there is so much I would do differently. I am sure at some point all of us moms have thought this but its another thing entirely to admit it out loud. Almost as if admitting it would serve as a confession to failure.
For me, when I say I wish I would have not worried so much about the nap schedule I had my boys on or how meticulous I needed my house to be, or been so darn strict about their schedules and tv time, or went on more play dates, or read to them more or snuggled them just a little bit longer. If I admitted these things out loud, I would also be pointing out my shortcomings as a mom.
Isn't it funny how we always are thinking about our shortcomings? It's what we do as moms. We spend our nights thinking about what we could be doing better or what we should have done when they were smaller. In many ways I believe with my whole heart that those are some of the very things that makes us good moms. WE love with every ounce of our being. Which at times means we worry a little to much, we over think things WAY to much and doubt ourselves daily. We make 5 different dinners in hopes that everyone will eat something. We cut our shower time in half and sometimes are lucky to jump in the shower. We function on very little sleep or no sleep. We sneak in the bathroom just to get 5 minutes of alone time.
I am realizing after almost 8 years of being a Momma that I need to cut myself some slack. We all need to cut ourselves some slack, give each other a pat on the back and realize that this motherhood thing is not for the faint at heart. It is by far the BEST job in the world but  I would also say it's the hardest.
We momma’s deserve to feel like we’re doing a good job, don’t ya think?


  1. Yes, we do.
    I need to learn how to take a long shower again. Its been 10.5 years since I've taken once :)

    1. Karri- I am so with you on the shower. Granted, it's getting better. :)

  2. It seems like you are doing a darn good job from what I can tell, and still so much to look forward to!

    1. You always make me smile everytime I read your comments. Thankful for you!


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