Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Happy First Day of Spring!
 This morning as I woke up I could smell Spring. My favorite kind of weather is the bird chirping kind. The open your windows all day kind. The flip flops and painted toe nails kind. Oh Spring you are finally here! One of my favorite things about Spring is the beauty of it. The trees are all starting to bloom and it just makes my heart happy. 

 Spring reminds me of natures way of change and renewal. It's funny how our everyday life is the same way. We go through transitions, changes, new beginnings, things unknown yet it such a beautiful time if we let it be. Do you seek out to find beauty in your transitions or the unknowns going on in your life or do you worry and not embrace the journey? I challenge you to see the beauty in your 'place' in life right now.
 Embrace it. Dance in it. Love it. 


What is your favorite thing about Spring?!


  1. I love spring, too. All the things you love. I love leaving doors open so much that flies get in... my husband doesn't get it. I would have French doors that were opened all the time in Spring if I could. There would be lots of flies and I wouldn't care! :)

  2. Perfect post! Spring is my FAVORITE! I love the freshness, the rebirth, and renewal that spring brings! I live in Texas, so spring is full of gorgeous azaelas & I love to dig in the dirt...so it's time to dig right in! Literally! Wonderful post:)


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