Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nine Years And Counting.

Like most nights when you get home from work you stop to take your coat off, put your laptop down, hug our boys and go straight upstairs to change clothes. You always know the boys are waiting on you. I am waiting on you. 

I stop.

I watched as you laughed with our boys, encouraged them and just play with them. No agenda. Nothing else on your mind but them.

Honestly, it has been a long time {too long} since I actually stopped, slowed down and noticed what an amazing dad and man you are.

It can be easy after 9 years and three kids later to stop noticing. 
Life has us going a million miles an hour in a million different directions. We see each other but do we really see each other?

I want to really see you.
I want to see the way you love on our boys.
I want to see your quiet strength.
I want to see your passions.

 I want to see you the way I saw you 9 years ago. No, actually I don't. Because 9 years ago I had no idea that you would be such an amazing father. I had no idea that together we would have three amazing boys. Together we would  serve the Lord. Together we would make some really hard decisions. Together we would learn how to love each, our boys and make our house a home. 

I knew this ride was going to be crazy. What I didn't know is how much I not only wanted YOU but NEEDED you in my life for this life. You have walked with me through the hardest and best times of my life. I can't imagine taking this journey with anyone else. 

All my love.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Love you both!

    1. Thankful that you were part of our wedding day! Love you!

  2. Very Touching. Beautifully written.

  3. Thanks Brenda! I am loving the pictures of Noah and Jackson for St. Patty's day! xoxo

  4. THis is so sweet and beautiful. Happy Anniversary. I am glad the Lord brought you together. :)

  5. Congrats on the 9 years together!!! :) So sweet!


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