Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candy, Fun and Superheros

In these moments...

my heart feels like it could burst.

These are the moments I treasure.

These are the very moments I want etched in my mind.

The moments I will cling to when the days are long...  

These moments I will cherish...



  1. so sweet!! They are good memories to hang on to and I am thankful you shared them with me!

    Happy November...can't even believe it is already here!!


  2. Cute pics! Looks like they had fun! Pretty sure I caught a glimpse of Corduroy in the one of Chris and Brady. Must have been Corduroy's week to visit the W household! :)

  3. Jenny~ That is so funny you noticed our little friend Corduroy! We have had so much fun with that little bear. Such a fun idea for the class!

  4. As you should!! These little ones are stinkin' adorable!! :)


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