Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Shape of Exercise

We all know how difficult it is to stay in shape and find time to exercise -- especially for us mommas who are crazy busy running from activity to activity or from one diaper change to the next.  How has your exercise or lack of exercise been going lately? For me, I have noticed a 'lack of'. Which means lack of discipline, lack of energy, lack of patience... I could go on and on. I continue to remind myself that although it isn't the number 1 priority in my life it really does have to be a priority. I can't put it on the back burner or say I will do it or start doing it tomorrow. I need to carve out the time today. 

I was quickly reminded of this tonight. I stepped outside of my warm cozy house and into the cold rain. All the while driving I kept making a list about what all I needed to get done and why I shouldn't be taking this hour to work out for myself. Have you ever done this? I pulled in the parking lot turned off my car and ran in the rain to my class. Within five minutes I felt like a new woman. My to-do list went out the window and I was able to focus on myself, get lost in the dancing and simply take some time to get rejuvenated. I left feeling thankful and energized. 

It truly is about deciding that you deserve the best that you can be. Make the decision to settle for nothing less. Why? Your kids deserve it, your spouse deserves it and most importantly you deserve it. What are you doing to get moving? 
Stop making excuses and Get Moving!   


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  1. Glad you are making the time! Your health and well being are so important... it will bless everyone around you! :)


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